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Hello there! Another update from Wow, I really don’t know how or why, but my site has received so much traffic this past month and I’m too happy to even express my thoughts! As the month of November finishes up, my site has gotten a little over 7,300 hits in just a month, from all over the world. No kidding (well most was from U.S., but still, got some UK-ers, Italians, etc.). Very cool. The feedback of my latest video (#1.2) is so great and even better than the first. I plan to release #1.3 (the last of ep.1) sometime at the end of the year or early next year — the wait will be worth it, I promise. Anyway again, I’d just like to thank everyone who has been on my site, and have come back for more! I plan to keep supplying new content often, so don’t be shy to come back! :D

Oh thing I forgot to add was that I got an email from freewebs (my hosting service) and they said they love my website and they would like to promote on the “explore the best sites” page on I thought, well isn’t that neat? Free promotions, and more and more visitors have come to my site. The most popular hit is the videos, which is good because that’s the center of the site. Speaking of other things actually, I have been working on some side projects for ‘The Nintendo Boy Project’. Remember the QUEST EVENTS page I had up for a while. Well, I am finally getting around that under a new name and idea. It’s still a working progress and I hope to have it live by the end of December. You can however check out the intro by clicking the link “Adventure Plot” on the left-hand navigation bar!

Oh yeah, and also I am fixing up the lounge… again, for the better! Keep an eye out for that update soon!

Well, I think that’s it. Remember, if you’re new to the site, please go sign the guestbook! I like to see who comes and goes, and I’d like a bunch of signatures!

Thanks again! I really appreciate you visiting my site and would love to hear from you sometime! Go Nintendo! ^^

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  1. Dude im glad things are going great you and your site. Keep it up Nintendo Boy!!!=P

  2. Awesome Jeff, I really do like your site, and it has come a long way since the begginnning of the year. Keep it up.

  3. NO WAY!!! 7,300 hits!?! :O

    Amazing! I cant believe it. That blows my record out of the water.

  4. Hey jeff i really like your site. my favorite part is the videos. they r hilarious.(yes i miss spelled it). 😀


  6. wow cool website

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