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Coming to a Wii VC Channel near you, December 10th. (North America)
Article by Jeffrey Vega (Nintendo Boy)
Ah yes, Pokemon Snap! Don’t you all remember it? Such a fun game, and I still have it for my perfectly working N64! Therefore I am conflicted whether to get this again. However you may think, well if I have it, then I shouldn’t spend 1,000 Wii Points ($10 USD) to get it again. There is some new stuff worth mentioning…
 Here’s some good info: “Nintendo will be enhancing the original game by allowing users to take snapshots and save them to allow for posting online via your message board. Other players will be able to check out your Pokemon hunting skills and admire your photography.” -GoNintendo
Holy macaroni! That is awesome! Do you remember the good ol’ days where you could take your save pack to Blockbuster and have your photos printed on these neat little sticker sheets? Does anyone else remember that? Haha.
Well, this looks like a neat buy. Makes me wish I hadn’t got Snap for N64 as I had bought it at Blockbuster (used) for $10 while the N64 began to slowly fade away.
There was just something to this game that was so addicting…
Well Pokefans, I want to hear your thoughts on this! :D
Thanks for reading.

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  1. 😛 kool

  2. zomg i actually do remember that my friend had all these stickers posted around his monitor like way back in the day

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