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Hello again! Sorry for the extreme downtime early this week. My hosting provider freewebs decided to mess around with templates, resulting in the corruption of my old dark green one. That’s why you are seeing the new look! I hope you like it, it took awhile to adjust to my site. I’ve upgraded to a new cleaner, wider template for all you people with fancy wide screens! Tell me what you think!ย :P

Anyway, what this update is really about is to officially announce the beginning of the application process for “staff”. Here’s a rundown of the info:
I am looking for about 5 excellently skilled people in a certain area.


  • Wii
  • DS
  • Virtual Console
  • and Nintendo Accessories


  • Comics
  • Everything will be sent to me – as of now, you have no access to edit the actual site.
  • We will merge websites! –
  • Have admin access to certain hidden projects
  • Post your own updates – have your own page on the site
  • Email: (coming soon)
  • must be able to frequently access reliable internet access

Think of me asย Dr. Houseย and you applicants as my team. So, again, I need you to have a site, want to do well, merge your site with mine (you can still keep your freewebs site/account and such), and other such things.

Please comment HERE on this blog to let me know if you’re interested. I can make exceptions to the requirements, just leave your mark here for now. Leave your site URL & email – if I’m interested in YOU you shall receive an email. Thanks guys!! Woo hoo!ย :P

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  1. I’m interested

  2. I’m very interested. I can review some Nintendo Products, and my website is

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Sup! Thanks for the updates! I’ll think about it. During the end of December I will try and make my own website at FreeWebs. Right now I am working all day and I won’t have time, so during my little holiday vacation my website will have my videos, comics and art for people that are bored out of their skulls. Not only do I like games, but I am a cartoon artist as well.

    I do have some videos on Youtube. Check them out and comment if you like. It’s coolness.

  4. JEff i know ALLOT about Nintendo DS!!!

    and i can speak english,german and portugies!


  5. Jeff, you don’t need someone who WANTS to join you. You need someone who NEEDS to join you. I can give great game reviews for both the Wii AND DS. I own a DS and dream of getting a Wii, but I can keep up with everyone else, because I get Nintendo Power mag. I know which games are hot and which games are NOT. I can also give good reviews on Virtual console, and Nintendo accessories. I am a great writer. I have written about 20-50 books in my child hood (even though I’m still a kid). I own RySpace, which isn’t as popular as your site, but I have some great expirience with site building. Anything else I need to know, you just tell me and I’ll know it. Whew! That was long!

  6. dude like whats up, i like the makeover, anyway im a total wii gamer and like know everything about it. tell me if u want me in my site. see u Merry Christmas

  7. Hey Jeff I have a reall website and want to help you. I can but I may need your help with my site too. We can learn and combine our knologe and make THE BEST WEBSITE OF ALL TIME. I know alot about the wii ds and almost all the nintendo systems. My website is


  8. Hey Jeff, I’m not asking for anything in return. I’m only helping you. You shouldn’t be forced to help other ppl with their sites. I want nothing from you except happiness. Rock on!

  9. I’m not trying to be mean. I don’t think I should’ve said that. Sorry if that was offensive. But I REALLY want to help. I LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!

  10. Ok, I’m starting to lose my cool. I just have to relax and maybe I’ll be chosen to help run one of the most visited freewebs sites in the world…. GAHH, THIS IS HARD!!!

  11. Omigosh, it’s the attack of capital letters!!!

    -is attacked by a giant J-

    Anyway… -pant- I really love the new layout. I’m interested in being a staff member. I just created a site about the wii a few days ago, and think I could be a great help with reviewing the wii games.

    You can see my website here:

    I hope I’m chosen. Please consider me. I know I can help you. ^^

    -Now back to your regular programming-

    O_O Uh oh… -wrestled to the ground by a giant Q-

  12. Ok so im interested in the cartoon/comic part, i dont mind collaborating with someone,hope u select your new crew fast, so we can help you keep this webpage being # one!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. hey jeffrey since i dont have a wii myself, i cant do reviews but i can get up to date nintendo news and stuff so yea thats just me

  14. hey man, just saw this

    i can do DS since i got the red one ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. return of me!you guys are annoying. :/

    whats wrong with you?noticed i said guys.i noticed one girl,and she was perfectly calm.really,chillax.

  16. Hi, i was wonderind if i could talk to you. i think i can help you out and stuff. I have gamecube, wii, and ds lite. me is preety good.

    P.S. i’ve played all nintendo prouducts!

  17. Jeff, what’s your number? ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Hi. I would like to be on your reveiws team. I am very skilled on the DS and can beat almost all of my friends in MariokartDS and many other games. I’m pretty good with reviews on things!

  19. Never mind. i dont want the job. i wont have the time to type reveiws very often. if u do have a job that doesnt require me to get on more than 3 times in two weeks please let me know

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