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fry-and-zappNo, not that Futurama, as much as we all love that show. More like the future of the site. Well, the trilogy is done. Yeah, #1.3 kinda sneaked on the site at the beginning of 2008, mainly because… well, I dunno really. The important thing is you either knew already and have seen it, or NOW you know. Haha. Go watch it at YouTube (if you like bad quality). :P

So, with Timebomb done and all… you may think, what’s next? Is there more to come? Well yeah, my domain name doesn’t expire till September 2008! Heh, okay, that’s not totally the reason. Actually, heck, I like doing what I do. Funny how that works out. Well here’s the plan:

I’ve experimented with The Nintendo Boy Project… yes, #1.1-1.3 have all been tests (I hoped you like ’em). The real deal will consist of films that will connect in no way. Basically random episodes. It should be good, seeing as I spent some of my Christmas money on a better camera, so the quality will improve. I have great ideas in store for these new line of videos, the first one launching by the end of January. I don’t want to give too much away, but the video is about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii, so stay tuned for a great video, coming to a website near you!

So, that’s as far as the films go, which will take up most of my free time, as I want to make these as best I can. That being said, I’m relieving the stress on myself with making the website less-feature-like. I decided to throw out the Nintendo Reviews section mainly of lack of participation from you guys (grr), but I guess it’s better, because after awhile putting all those reviews will take a lot space on the site (which is something I don’t have). The one thing I will try to do better at, is games. Many people complain that I don’t have games… I do, but not many. Actually just two. Keep a look out on the Nintastic!! page as I will re-do the games page as I add more and keep the page organized with fast-loading times. I think that will be the only thing I work on as far as the site goes… the games. Also, the Nintendo news thing, I’ve linked a great source for some news, so check that out on the Nintastic!! page as well.

Many things are coming up, such as me cleaning up the website more, and spending time on the new films (which will be good, I hope)! :D So, to you guys at home, I thank you, for always coming back, to! ^^

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  1. Hoping that this month goes by fast! So i can watch the new video, but one thing if you put msic on the video, please make it so that we can hear what you are saying, over the music. It was kinda hard to hear u on 1.3. But as always amazing job!!! KEEP IT UP, NB!!

  2. omg i love that scene in futurama!

    they will die with snoggles (or something like that)

    ooo umm thats not good..*smiles*


  3. Nintendoboy, where’d you go?

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