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you-touch-my-heart-dsOkay, I’ll admit, it’s a lame title, but eh, I couldn’t think of something more creative… (… you don’t get the title, do you?) It’ll come to ya later. =]


So yes, it is that time of year again! Some people love it, some hate it… either way, it’s basically the only reason why you still see that Hallmark store in the mall. Ah well. Haha. I personally like it, though I’ve yet to have a relationship that occurred near Valentine’s. Heh, it’s still a fun day. I mean, what could be more fun that spending loads of money on chocolate, teddy bears, and v-day cards? Oh. Well. Um… right. Anyway, I hope your day was a good one, and also hope you had a good Single Awareness Day (if that applies to you…heh)! And, I hope you enjoyed my cheesy version of a valentine layout for The next time you see it will be in 2009. That of course is if my stuff is successful and my site will live to see the day. Heh… Ew, kinda nervous now.So, as far as the site stuff goes, my crew and I are still pitching ideas and scripting the first episode which I hope to release before Brawl comes out (Mar. 9th). Also, I am working on a new NintendoBoy project. You shall see some upcoming updates on the respective page – it will be an interactive “adventure plot” game… hmm, that doesn’t sound familiar, does it?

So… just outta curiosity, would you want a free email I’m testing a new program for something… secret. It would be basically be anything you want at and would forward to your current email address. I have approx. 10 emails available for testing, so if you’re interested, leave a comment.

Have a great day, and see you tomorrow! =]

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  1. Hey Jeff, you may remember a guy named RySpace who came on here. He’s me. And I have a question about the e-mails. Would they create a brand new one, or would it replace your current one?

  2. heyy, i’ll do the email thing but idk how to. and yes the valentine’s layout is funny. How’d ya do it?

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