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Er, yeah, another make over. Well, not really. Behind the scenes, it was decided that Razorswitch would have it’s own site. Apparently there is a game in the works with the series, so my buddy over at will go ahead and design a website for Razorswitch. I figure I like this idea because, well, I mean, this is, and when I added a new project to the same site, it just lost meaning. Plus I didn’t have anything to put up yet, and who knows when it will happen. All I know is on my end, I am going to fix up the site again to just accommodate the Nintendo Boy Project with the films. I shall still let you know progress on RS, but that will again, be on a different site; I mean, I’m still a part of it and such, just not on this site. So, long story short, this site shall revert back to it’s original plan of the character of Nintendo Boy. I don’t want to confuse anyone… that being said, I must fix up the home page and other oddities… *must get away from Brawl…!* I will hopefully have something new by the weekend, so stay tuned!

EDIT: (3.16.08) Hey, I’m glad you all liked my Pi Day post, but it took the page to long to load, so sorry. ^^; … 3.14, there is that good enough?

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  1. YEY!! New stuff, but not yet *sigh* well, we’ll stay tuned, waiting…. O_O hehehe

    yeah…ummm…good luck on everything…next weekend, are you sure?!

    we just wish for new things, but next weekend sounds good..if u *cough* make it 😛 jk.

  2. The first thing you see when you go into the site, is my drawing *tear*. Thanks for that NB. Nice re-do, way less confusing than before, keep up the good work! 😀

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