nRant: What to expect at E3 2008?

nrantHere it is. The first nRant post. The post where I rant about the latest ongoings of Nintendo!

Sooo… E3. I am quite excited about this, and it’s sneaking up on us July 15th. Don’t know what E3 is? Well, then I’d say you are not a gamer. Check out the wikipedia entry of E3 and also the official website to get more details if you’re clueless. Go ahead and check, I’ll still be here. … Ok, ready?

So, by now you know that E3 is an event where the giants of gaming, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony (and along with many other companies), duke it out and show off upcoming releases for the year following the Expo. Now, this is exciting, because this is where the big news happens, news that shocks everyone. E3 was the place that the big N announced their next-gen console, the “Nintendo Revolution” a couple years back, which of course we all know and love as “Wii”.

e3Now, for this year, I wonder, what else could Nintendo pull out from their sleeves? Brawl came out in early March of this year, and Mario Kart was quick to follow. Those were two huge AAA titles, and have a history and huge fan base behind both of them. With this blast of awesome games within the span of 2 months, you wonder what else can come from them? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. One big AAA Nintendo title that is buzzing round is Animal Crossing for Wii. The first of the series made it’s way onto the Gamecube, then a sequel to the DS, which is by far one of the most popular games to date with use of the Wi-Fi DS Internet play. We all know and love this series, and I am sure looking forward to a Wii version of this beloved “real life” game. I mean, who doesn’t want to live with a bunch of animals on a far-off island? It’s awesome, and while a Wii version is not confirmed, it pretty much is assumed, as noted with the ACWii link above.

As far as other things go… I just want to be shocked with excitement. I want Nintendo to release some kind of hard drive support for the Wii, because I will soon run out of space with all the blasted Virtual Console games I’m downloading! And, maybe a new Zelda? Hey, I can dream, right? I’ll be sure to have a page open to the E3 site to hear breaking news, because, of course, I am one of millions who didn’t get invited to the event. Haha, surprising, no? 😉

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  1. even tho we are not going, we still have you to deliver all the news 😛 oh and there is a spelling error: what else could Nintendo pull out from *there* sleeves?

    hehe just something to point out 🙂

    and yey more blog posts!!!

    • Hey Pit! 😀

      Nice catch, the error was fixed. Thanks for pointing it out… haha, I always re-read these before I publish it and I always miss at least one error. xD

      Anyway, thanks for reading. :]

  2. Animal Crossing for Wii would be really cool! I hope it’s coming out in the near future.

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