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jeffrey-blue-man-groupHey all, I’m back and had an awesome week in Florida, as you can see with my always-confused look in the picture… thanks for asking. Haha, just kidding… I had a blast at Universal Orlando with all the awesome rides and attractions including the new Simpsons Ride and the Blue Man Group performance! Anyway I hope you guys had a great week, and I’m happy to be bringing the site back up to speed. I have some new things for you after a long week without updates. Don’t feel so blue. 😉

I’d like to welcome the last installment of Laura’s amazing comics to the site. If you’ve been here with us for a while, I’m sure you know her work from the early adventure plots, and of course with the comic versions of the Nintendo Boy Trio videos. Well, today, she has poured her blood, sweat, and tears (though I’m unsure if it was in that order… haha) into the last of the comic videos: Episode #1.3 – Timebomb COMIC. Be sure to check that out as this is a very special addition to the site. If you are new, be sure to catch up with 1.1 and 1.2 by visiting our photo gallery, which can be also accessed via the lounge under ‘Apps’. I am honored to have Laura draw these wonderful pieces of art exclusively for the site, and I really enjoy it. Oh, and one more thing. Whether you are new to the photo gallery or not, be sure to visit there again as the ability to add comments to the comic, including rating each and every panel, has now been added. So, share your thoughts with us! And of course, feel free to always drop a line at us, and let Laura know how much you love her comics. I am quite blue now that the comic series has ended. :/ So, go to the comics now!

As far as other additions go, the new game that was exclusive to newsletter members has now been publicly added to the game room. Yes, you heard right, there is finally a new, AWESOME game in the games section at the lounge, named Super Mario Sunshine 64. So be sure to give it a spin, leave your rating, and even embed it into your own website.

Also, as I’m sure you remember from my first nRant that E3 took place this week. Now, I haven’t been able to look into much of it, let alone cover it since I was away, so I recommend you stop by VideoGame Command, a very good friend of mine from the old, dark days of our own websites. After a long delay, he has been finally added to our list of partners, so be sure to say hi to him!

And, of course, the Rendezvous. It’s right around the corner. Have you signed up yet?!

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  1. Cool picture! I love the Blue Man Group too! 😀

    I really like the comic, the part where the tennis balls come out of the TV is hilarious! Great job Laura!

    • *for the site*

      and thanks Bridgett i really like those two panels a lot, specially the one with the annoyed face ^_^

  2. Oh wow I like this post, it talks a lot about what i do fro the site, which isnt THAT much, i just enjoy doing it! Although i did suffer quite a bit, oh well!! Thanks for the chance to draw these for you Jeffrey!!!

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