Blog: Where’s Cloud Nine?

Well, there it is. I have nothing for you. Nothing really. Of course the main feature of this site is my videos that are somewhat good, but even that’s becoming harder to pull off. I always have these great ideas in my head, but it’s hard to get ’em on camera, and well, even harder to get my pals together to actually get something done. But when we do make a video, we’re on cloud nine.

But other than that, there’s really nothing much, besides The Rendezvous, which still, sadly, has not had much attention due to problems that I’ve encountered in creating this one-of-a-kind game. Don’t fret though, everyone who signed in into WebsID to access The Rendezvous will still be able to once it comes back online. More on that later.

So, like I said, or what I’ve been trying to say… I’m completely on empty. I can’t really think of anything new to add to the site that would want you guys to keep coming back. I need ideas. What makes you keep coming back to this site… granted you aren’t a newcomer, or a friend of mine? I want something really neat to be on the site, but I just can’t think of anything. I have forums, but no one really posts. I have some games, which are good, but it is hard to find anymore good ones. And of course this blog, which hopefully keeps you entertained with my thoughts… I mean, that’s it. What do you guys want to see here?

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  1. How sad!!! :'( Vega i wish i could help ya out!

  2. Talk about Emulators!

  3. Maybe a video made out of a bunch of clips of you playing videogames? It might be a stretch, but its a good idea.

  4. Eh, anything will do. Keep the ideas coming guys, thanks! 😀

  5. I’m looking forward to The Rendezvous! When is it coming?

  6. NOO! DON’T LEAVE US JEFF! I luv your blog posts, the nRants, and the videos. Um, what about a video about a guy who claims to be Mario who comes on this site, and posts a comment inviting you to Peach’s castle, and you get kidnapped, and you have to venture your way to freedom, using your Wii remote and nunchuck!

  7. Hmph, it’s hard to say. When your site first came out, I came to it almost everyday, and sill do. But to the point now, I would suggest maybe, i dunno, to start on something like, a better design. The template has gotten old and dusty. I recommend “” or even “” for a more modern template. Anyways, back to your problem. Why not make a gameroom filled with games, that way you might attract gamers as well as the regular crowd, and make a video. I am not even kidding, the stretch between your videos is horrendously long. People get tired of waiting and FORGET about NintendoBoy. How about a video about how your Wii transforms into a SNES and you have to quest to turn it back. Just say it happens that your GC ws at it once again and learned a transformation spell and did just that.. LOL, that would be funny. But for real, GET TO WORK.

    • Hey Darien, I appreciate your comment. I understand you quite well. 😛

      And thanks to everyone else! I’m currently working on a brand new feature to the site that will blow you away, and hopefully will be released soon with the next blog post! 😀

  8. er, what happened to the rendezvous? I was looking forward to that!

  9. videogamecommand

    You hit the bump in the road that every website gets to eventually.

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