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pikachu-slapping-pikachuAlright, so, first off, thanks for the great response in the last post. I didn’t mean it to sound as depressing as it actually sounded, so I kinda feel like beating myself up for it for making you guys feel bad, haha! First off, don’t worry. The Nintendo Boy Project site is here to say. It may change in the future, it might not, but there will always be something good waiting for you here at, owned and operated by me, Jeff. 😀

So, in the mean time from the last post, school has started for me again! D: Which means, it will be harder to keep the site updated as much as I would like to, but I will do my best anyway, and of course keep school work as my priority! I have used some of my time to come up with some new ideas, and I have a great new video planned sometime in the next month. It shall be fantastic, and will really bring the site back into the game! (seriously though, I actually have something planned – and it might just blow you away) Thanks again for your crazy suggestions Darien, Rysspace, etc! Haha, but anyway, on top of that, I’m working on some top-notch features to grace the site. This app is currently in the beta phase, so it can act weird on you, but the beta build is usable! The new app, is WikiNB!

WikiNB is a brand new application on the site, and can be accessed through the lounge page with that shiny new button in there. So, you’re probably wondering, what is WikiNB? Or maybe you’re not, and you actually know. You should know if you are familiar with the site Yeah, we have something just like that here on the site! I’m quite excited for this new app, but sadly there are many bugs and glitches that still need to be ironed out on my end. BUT, I want YOU to test out right now. Go ahead and make your own little page that you can edit and put whatever you want on the site… but, keep things appropriate guys! Everyone who wants to access WikiNB must sign up for a WebsID account… for those who have accessed The Rendezvous, you can login with the same info! So yeah, go ahead and check out the WikiNB now!!! There are more specific directions at the actual Wiki if you are still confused, so don’t be afraid to go look! Edit: No one used this, so I took it down. 🙁

And, The Rendezvous. Whew, how many times have we talked about this? 🙂 It’s back online in case you were wondering, but it has significantly changed… a lot. And, uh, I have for now put this game back in beta because of the change. That doesn’t really mean much to you as it does to me, but uhh, if you do know what it means… yeah, that’s the status! 😛 You will now be undertaking specific missions… so far, Mission 1 is now live and Mission 2 is currently in the works as I type this. Or, is it? You may want to go check that out to see what I mean! And, more will be added to this game with time, because I want this to be the main feature of the site, aside from the videos. This is gonna be big when it gets rolling, so go ahead and login back in and see what’s new!

Well, that’s all I have for you…? At least for now. So, thanks for stopping by again, and hope to see you working on the Wiki, playing the Rendezvous, or hey, even post in the lounge! :]

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  1. Hey, first comment and first page on the Wiki, WOOT!1!!!!!11!!!111!

  2. Wtf 0_o?

    What happened to your site yesterday?

    It was all, not here . . .

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