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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for the cold to kick in. I’m tired of the heat, and loves when the fall/winter air arrives to cleanse us! You see, the way I feel, is that in the summer time, there’s really nothing you can do except just sweat it out and be uncomfortable (however water and ice cream seem to taste better on these days!). In the winter time, you can actually do something about it, and that is to wear more comfy clothing! I’m sure you can probably find some loopholes in my argument, but yeah. :] Anyway, I felt the urge to make some information known to you that you probably did not know prior to reading this post!

hot-topic-wii-hoodieIf you haven’t already, please direct your eyes to the Hot Topic model on the left. This guy is sporting the (in)famous Wii Hoodie I wore in Episode #1.3, Timebomb. I bought this with some Christmas money last year, along with some Hot Topic coupons (that place is expensive!!), and well, there were having a $10 off hoodie sale, which still ended up costing around $30ish. That being said, it pains me to tell you that you can now grab this one-of-a-kind hoodie for just $11.99! No joke, Hot Topic is getting rid of this awesome hoodie, so if you want to be just like Nintendo Boy (or not…), grab this amazing deal by clicking here!

I actually really like Hot Topic, and you’d be surprised at how much Nintendo goodies they have for sale if you’ve never been to their store. Just for kicks and giggles, I’d suggest you take a look at the Nintendo section of their site, and there’s actually some really cool apparel there, and *some* of them are for an incredibly great price. Yes, if you were thinking this earlier, yes, this is my secret of Nintendo-geeky items; I wait until Hot Topic has a sale! Seriously though, they have things from plushies and messenger bags, to tons of really cool shirts. I promise you’ll find something you like, so if you’re trying to not spend money now, don’t click here, where all the Nintendo stuff is!! :]

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  1. OMG!!!!!! I really wanted this hoodie, and now that is sooooooo cheap, I’m seriously gonna go buy it right now!!! this makes me soo happy!! (twin day :D) I just cant thank The Boss (Nintendo Boy) enough for this blog post! I will get him something from the store i swear!! So yeah ppl BUY IT!! its awesome and super cheap!!!!!

  2. Bleh. I just randomly checked again today, 9/15, and it looks like HT raised the price of the hoodie to $23.98… still cheaper than the MSRP, but it was even cheaper… lol, it looks like they were selling well so HT took advantage! xD

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