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That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I MUST blog. The last time I posted something was on the site’s birthday (9.17.08) and that’s pretty ridiculous… well, not if you cant the actual last one of my refusal to use the old blog… Anyway, the reason for the awkward silence was because I was holding out for the new blog application that my host, Webs, was working on. And, well, it is finally here! Anyway, as you can see… or at least if you look closely, there is certainly something there to be excited about. This new blog application is integrated with your WebsID member profiles. So yes! You’ve been able to join the site with your own profile, post in the new forums, and other fun stuff… the last of the few upgrades on the site now include the blog! So this means that when you make a comment it will be under your WebsID and not a Freewebs username account or just anonymous. I am really excited about the new oppouritiny to get members to post comments easily! Also, in this new blog app, other people can post to it as well, but for now, it will just be me, but also, the staff on site! So it won’t just be me rambling in the blog, but you may here from Andrew, Josh, and Laura as well! 😉

Well, some news. Ughhh I don’t even know where to begin. Ehhhh… just look around the site, and you’ll see changes.

… Not gonna accept that, huh? Haha… fair enough. Well, I literally don’t even know where to start. This is how I feel about trying to even begin explaining stuff to you.


Well, I’ll make it fair.. ask me questions via the comments (using your new profiles… woohoo!!), and I will personally respond to your comment. If no one has anything to post for questions to ask… well, my work here is done! :)

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  1. Testing, 123… testing…. er, 456(?)

  2. I see you’ve made a new homepage. A nice touch. Nothing else I’ve noticed so far. That guy running into the wall cracks me up every time! I can never find those moving pictures on the web!

  3. y he doing that in pic?

    and when is new vid of rock band coming out?

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