Blog: Is Christmas Gone Already?

jeffrey-vs-rock-bandWhat an interesting thing, time. It seems just a few days ago, I had finally got out of school for the winter break, the stress of finals and all simply disappeared. The next day, a Saturday, the NB4 get together at Andrew’s house to film what turned out to be an 8-minute video. Yeah, I didn’t mean it for it to turn out THAT long, but ehh, what can ya do? Out of those 8 long minutes, is violently pelting a Rock Band box at moi. 🙂 The next video, I promise, will not be that long. So a few days pass as I continue to watch the blooper reel over and over, and wouldn’t ya know it? Christmas has come and gone. Seriously… it just stopped by for a quick chat… and bam, it left until 2009. What was that about…? This may of been the weirdest Christmas for me yet… while I love the holidays and had a great one, to say the least, it flew by. I remember always being so excited… not being able to sleep.. spending hours in front of the TV watching Frosty the Snowman, or Grandma getting run over by a reindeer… and the lights… and drinking hot chocolate… loving to listen to Christmas music on the radio… and all that artificial stuff just seemed to have just flown by. Literally. I can’t believe it’s already past. That being said, I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, and/or whatever else holiday(s) you may celebrate. I look forward to a great year next year, and while it will be one of my most busiest years ever (I graduate high school in ’09), I hope to continue to keep the site up…! Man.. this year… it’s gone. 2008 went by fast. Only a few days until the new year…

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  1. Yeah this year went by so fast!! And the holidays went by even faster. Nice image, I hope you didn’t get a bruise or anything x.x

  2. i like the long vids

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