Blog: $4 Mashed Potatoes

Well? How much DO you pay for your mashed potatoes? Do you buy them when they are already mashed? Why would you do that? Well, read my story below…


lol“Jeff buys an Ice Cream cone with some explosives and then goes to gamestop and buys a ps3 only to realize that an orangutan farted on his wallet full of nintendo wii games. Even though he spent about four dollars on the new mashed potatoes, he laughs at someone who is telling a story about the dsi. Afterwards, he falls and breaks his knee trying to grab a chicken finger dipped with mandarin sauce and some egg nog. Not having enough money to buy himself a puppy, he decides to buy a gift for his teacher. So he buys his teacher a basket full of huge mice with pink bandanas that glow in the dim light of the Kokiri Forest. Jeff’s friend Josh was kissing a gorilla’s back side, when Jeff came into the room and was shocked!” [ linkage ]


… yeah, awkward, huh? This is my script for a new Nintendo Boy video. Hahaha. That would be intersting though, huh? If I took this “3 Word Adventure” forum game and turned it into a video. Speaking of forums, I guess by now you’ve figured out that I’m trying to plug the forums right now. I literally have 118 members on my site as I type this, with 65 of them actaully having active profiles. Why do you guys hate me?! Haha. Just kidding. But really! You should stop by the forums! They were quite bustling, and now they are dead. So… c’mon, join in on the fourms.. I frequent there, so I will see you lurking as well! :D

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  1. Um, ew. Josh better brush his teeth with toothpaste and mouthwash, cuz I am NOT about to indirectly kiss a gorilla’s back. 😀

  2. LoL, I wrote the “Gorilla’s back side” part! Hahaha! I am always on the forums looking for a new topic to join in on! Maybe I’ll start one…. muahahahahahahaaaaa……

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