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Written by: jinxsprinkles999

Josh here for a quick updaye on whats going on lately in the nintendo world! My research will not be as extensive as Nintednoboy”s but at least I won’t take four months to update this site all the time >:(

Mine will also not be as fancy as Nintendoboy’s because i do not have access to any pictures so you are jsut goign to have to bear with my computer illiteracy.

The NB project team is currently discussing their next NB video so keep an eye out for that for it wll go over the latest in Nintendoboy commentary and antics. Although, since the last documentary was a failure we will NOT do a documentery…hopefully. On the bright side Nintendo should have new merchandise comign ot thsi year! The Nintendo DSi is expected to release sometime this year with a camera built in and wifi and upgradable software. Unfortunately I ahve heard rumors of brand new game cartridges so you might have to keep taht old DS of yours to play your favorite DS games. Agai this is from school so to find this out yourself jsut go to the forums discuss with people who mgiht actually know what they are talking about o_o.

Aside from the modern games and consels and fancy handheld devices I have found myself reminiscing to old school gaming from NIntendo. Heldheld games like Zelda: The Four Swords,  andPokemon Red and Blue  versions. Another instant classic is Megaman and Metroid. The Final making the favorites and classics list is Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. Hope you enjoyed this breif update from jinx. Over and out!

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  1. Haha.. yes Jinx… what video are you specifically talking about? But anyway, thanks for the new post, and yes, some good information indeed! About the DSi, what I actually heard that they are removing the GBA slot COMPLETELY, just for the sake of the handheld to be thin is paper! D: So… definitely keep your old DS’s to continue to play our favorite GBA games! o_0

  2. When? WHEN? I’m thinking of just driving down there sometime. That will save us all from more documentaries! 😛

  3. cant w8

  4. the dsi will come out spring of 09

  5. Jeff If you do anymore videos. try using the software Wonder Touch for special effects. HINT: Get mad and use the Wiimote to set someone into gulf of flames.

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