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Quick and exciting update about some games and music i have recently seen and/or reviewed. For you RPG fans there are some amazing games out for grabs for DS. I’m all about handheld since thats al i can afford. I know we may abe a little old but if youare interested Pokemon Platinum is out and ready to be ordered. It should be intene with all new pokemon to collect legendaries to fin AND EVOLVE =). I know right and you that manaphy was hard enough to get. Anyway next on our newcomer list is for you Final Fantasy Crystal Cronicals: Ring of Fates, Final Fantasy IV, and FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2! As a fan of tactics gaes like fire emblem and Advanced Wars I believe that FFTA2 will be amazing but all to their own. All of these games are expected to be amazing if you decide to invest some money into them.Finally is a Wii game tat I recently played and is a lit of un. If youare a little mischievious and greedy you can relate to our good evil twin of Mario: Wario. In WarioLand: Shake it! you shake only the controller vertically to control ario to new 2d and vibrantlevels and shake the controller for special extra moves, shake enemies like crazy, and other antics to get yourself as many coins as possible for greedy Warios or yourself(if that were possible. Finall is our music of odds and ends. I recently bought a CD for a unique group called Flight of the Concords(or FotC for now). FotC is a duo from New Zealand who sings comedic music but might be a little obscene if youare too young but stilll funny so don’t let parents hear xD. I am not comerciallizing this site you can even hear thes guys for free on youtube or mooch off somebody for the games. I was jut overwhelemed with how behind i am in gaming because of school and all the other crap i have to deal with. if you wanna hear flight of the concerds here is an example song:

Just copy paste on to your searchengine cause i suck at getting my computer to get this to work.  I dont mean to oveshadow Jeff’s interview so make sure to check out that interview on Nathan’s site. 🙂

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  1. By the way Josh, I finally got around to listening to the FotC link, and I must say that was quite a good sample to show. Very funny stuff… they’re coming to the Fox Theater April 11th! :O MAYBE I SHOULD GOO…lol.

  2. While I heart the Pokemon games… it’s starting to get a bit repetitive. I mean.. Pokemon Platinum. Really? I’ll stay with Diamond (fantastic!) until something brilliantly new and amazing comes up. I mean, I can only keep doing whole adventures of the Pokemon world so many times… lol!

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