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Hello all! A quick, but rather important update, is the addition of the new ‘About Us’ page.This page, finally gives full credit to anyone who has helped been a part of this site. If you wanted to know about us, but found out that I was too lazy to make a page for it, I now have your remedy! This page continues to serve as the page where we can be contacted, with a live chat and a link to everyone’s profiles. Soooo… check that out! 🙂 I spent a while into making that page perfect to have all the random stuff you could want to know about us, on that page. GET IT? ABOUT US? Ha! So yeah… take a look at it, we are pretty interesting!

So yes, a lot of time has gone into to that page (haha.. you’re probably thinking by now “I GET IT”). Sadly, it has come to my attention that my work (at time of writing) is currently in vain… on Internet Explorer. UGH. Words can not express my deep, deep hatred for this browser, so I won’t even try to tell you. Sure, we’ve all began with it, and used it, and blah blah, but… once I found out about Firefox… I could not believe what I was missing. That being said, Firefox is defiinitely my choice browser, and I happily build my site on it. And if it wasn’t obvious, of course the site looks amazing in FF, as it was built for it. Internet Explorer = No. Just, no. Firefox = Yes. I’m also a big fan of Google’s Chrome, which is incredibly fast (you… really have no idea how fast it actually is), and also Opera is good too, but I just leave that one to Wii-related browsing! :] Ok, so enough ranting…

On the ‘About Us’ page, I have an area where I list who has done what for the project, complete with our good-looking photos, which actually link to the respective profile on the site! Now.. if you’re on FF right now, you’ll know that it looks pretty great and that you think I’ve done a great job. Thank you, reader! 😀 HOWEVER, on IE, which sadly is still the most-used browser ever, looks like complete crap. On IE, instead of showing the grid I created to organize the photos of us, it just organizes the photos horizontally, which goes behind the sidebar and way past the window screen of your computer and stretches the screen on the right; it’s quite horrendous-looking, and you can’t even click on the photos behind the sidebar. UGH. Just… so many problems. And I really have no idea how to fix this to where it is the way I want it to show… looks perfect in FF, but bleh on IE. 🙁 [EDIT: FEBRUARY 27TH, 2009- Problem fixed! I just used a table. :/ Haha!] It’s almost impossible to make your site compatible in every browser! 🙁 Can’t we all just get along and use one browser?!?!?!11ONE1!??!?!? :] And now for some shameless advertising below!! :D

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  1. Its funny! eizell always used that browser and t was her default on her old computer. She explained to me before she changed to FF that IE is actually a giant virus…
    Get this as she used (or did not use) the borwser, an i quote, “slowly eats away at your computer. I friggin renamed the shortcut as VIRUS! STAY AWAY to make sure i never use it again” and eventually her motherboard turned to muxh. YES mush. nt really though im kidding im kidding…or am i. I digress Chrome is a must for those loyal, and i mean completey loyal to google because it tracks everwhere you go in a giant timeline. so if you cant remember a site you wnted to show you friend earlier but he wasn’t there you jsut open the time line.
    okus the is a thumbnail gallery of all the sites you have visited the most often(like x]) and you can jsut click the picture and it sends you straight there. As you can tell im a Gogle Chrome fan and i use it often cause it is fast and useful for the techniological illiterate like myself. My new compuer is fast too so im a happy camper. Fire fo is good for protection though so if i go to a random site i know nothing about i use firefox. wow that was a long comment. thanks for the update nintendoboy!

  2. Oh my god, Jeff! I use FF and Chrome ALL THE TIME. I used to use IE all the time, but IE compared to Chrome and FF, it’s like a web browser they made out of cow dung! Thank you for saving the online lives of many by telling them about these great web browsers!

  3. I so agree.. I hate internet explorer!!! Whats funny is that webs basically made it to where its most compatible with IE I think thats total CRAP. Like on my site for instance…. it looks great in Firefox and Chrome but like shiz in Internet Explorer 7. Sadly, a lot of people still use this browser(why though!??! It takes 2 seconds to install a totally unique, better, safer, and FASTER browser!!! No one realizes how SLOW IE is!!) so I have to keep updating my site on ALL 3 browsers to make sure it looks just right which is really a pain in the butt. So make yours and our life easier by clicking the download FireFox 3 button above! It will totally change your life for the better!!! I also recommend Google Chrome too which is the fastest browser on the net… it is very similar to FF too. In fact… I am typing this comment using Google Chrome!=P

  4. Yeah, I actually did do that with IE. It started off where I brought it up ONCE to look for something and then closed it. But after that ONE TIME of looking at it, it popped up again. and again. and again. and again. and again. One right after the other, and after 5 minutes of them popping up, the total number of IE opened and present was 126(NOT exaggerating). after that, I never clicked on it again. But that didn’t stop the browser from coming up on its own anyway and doing the same thing three times a week. So yeah, in my opinion, IE is a p.o.s. :/ FF is MUCH better. :3

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that each time IE would come up with this ridiculous number randomly without me clicking on it, my computer would freeze. So I would have to restart my computer all together.

  5. Hahaha… I love how everyone wrote paragraphs for the comments. Thanks everyone! I’m so glad you’re with me on this… seriously, I’d rather watch paint dry or grass grow than use IE! :O

  6. LoL, I noticed that! And you make a very good point; I’d rather read the whole dictionary word for word in one sitting than use IE.

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