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Written by: Eizell

Okay! So.

Since Jeff keeps insisting that I post a blog on this site, I’ve dicided to do so!

I guess to start off with is telling you all who in the heck I am, right? My name is Ellie, but online I usually go by Eizell. I honestly don’t care what you decide to refer to me as, so don’t feel obligated to call me by one or the other.

I haven’t been on this site for to long but from what I’ve observed, there’s hardly any activity, if any. Since I even joined this site, I haven’t really seen any new topics aside from maybe two or three.

BUT! Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) I’ll have the first strip of the new Nintendo Boy adventures comic ready to be posted on here somewhere (Where ever Jeff wants to put it). It’s looking like the strips will stay as pencil sketched comics for a while since I currently don’t have Photoshop and I’m too lazy/busy to ink and color it. Not to mention all my micron pens and Prisma markers are all dried up and dying :<

Annnnnd I guess the last thing I have to say is “Why would our school do this to us?!”

I’m currently a senior in high school with the video cast and crew, and since before I was a freshman, we were required to take two years of a foreign language class in order to graduate. I was already taking Japanese lessons before I entered high school, because I apire to be a game artist and designer (The best companies, of course, are usually in Japan) so I asked if I could use that for my credit hours. They said no. So I had to quit those lessons so I could take up French my junior and senior year (Along with other after school activities I was already doing).  So here I am, sitting in my French class when all of a sudden my teacher said, “The Freshman of next year are NOT required to take a foriegn language class.” Soooo I basicaly just wasted an hour every day for 2 years in a language class that will have no importance in my life for no reason. I also had to miss a FULL YEAR of an art class last year to make room for the stupid thing. In short, I just got screwed over.

Not that French isn’t a cool language, but I personally have nothing to gain from learning it.

That’s all I have, so Jeff, if you were disapointed, then oh well I guess :/.

Bye bye~
<3 Eizell

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  1. FIRST comment!~!!!!!
    btw there is traffic hee and we do update this site so be careful what you say :PPP

    • I never said you didn’t update the site, I said there was hardly any activity. Don’t try and put words in my mouth, love. Or I guess in this case, words in my post :p

  2. Ellie posting on the blog = Yay! indeed 😀

    And that thing about the wasting your time for the foreign language dealio… that sucks. 🙁

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