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jeffiiI sit here, in front of my computer, with a smug look on my face. I have recently graduated from high school (Class of ’09!), and it is now summer! And with summer, comes a lot of free time… free time that will not be wasted… because there is a project that needs feeding… the Nintendo Boy Project! This summer will be a milestone for me because I have something now that will enhance us in the ranks of those top films you see on YouTube… well, not really, but our videos are gonna be amazing! Gahhhh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!! [:

HD. Two letters, yet so very powerful. I told you that I had recently graduated. My parents bought me a $600 Sony HD Handycam video recorder… to the say the least, it is quite aesthetically pleasing! This is the exact piece of equipment I’ve been dying for ever since I started making videos. We had the will, and there was a way, but we needed better mediums of making better quality films. Although what we had before wasn’t so bad, don’t you agree? Sooo yes… HD is now possible for my videos!! I’m so excited! But wow, it was not easy to get where I am now…

sony-hd-handycamMy adventure. Two words, yet so meaningless. Let me explain! Haha. I don’t know what made it so difficult for me to figure it out, as I consider myself quite a wiz at these types of things. But not this time. Sony had me. Maybe it’s because I’m NINTENDO BOY and not SONY BOY? Ehh, who knows. Haha, either way, I was determined to figure out how everything worked without reading the instructions. LAL, just kidding. I did read it… not much helped. After almost 3 days of working the super nice camera with amazing picture, and the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platnium Premium Pro Pack (that’s alotta P’s), I have finally figured out how to best save the movie projects I work on when I edit. It’s something like HDV 1080pi with some other letters and numbers that I can’t remember. But after sooo many test uploads to YouTube (as well as test conversions to .mov for our new podcast), I finally got it. And our videos completely fit the YouTube widescreen player!!!! Yay! All the right settings. The perfect combination of behind-the-scene setups to have the finished video project very pleasing to watch. Nintendo Boy… from here on out.. will be in High-Definition, thanks to YouTube as well! :] Woot. Woot. lol. (:

I’m really excited about getting back into the swing of things. I doubt anyone is even reading this (well, I guess YOU are… thanks!!) since the site has been dead for almost half a year in terms of videos… and well, the rest of the site has had its share of cobwebs. Well, it’s the summer now, so it’s time to bring this back to life… and this time, in HD. My goal is to have a new video every week, more, if possible. I want to flood the video gallery with our pretty faces and witty lines… did I mention, which will be in HD?! Stay tuned for a new video at the end of the week… it’s gonna be amazing!! I promise… stick around and watch this site come back aaaalllliivvvveeee!!!! (thumbs up)

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  1. Sean Palladino

    A video every week? That’s a little big promise, don’t you thing? 😛 I still got 8 days ’till I graduate from high school… then summer begins. 😉 I hope this site DOES become more active!! 🙂

  2. WOW where do i begin?! Jeff whats with that pic, like really!! I cant wait for the videos sonce u know you always promise a lot but then never happensm im hoping this time it will! 😀 Congrats on the CAM once again

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