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twitter-birdSo what’s the big thing right now? That’s right, Twitter. Whether you want to believe it or not, Twitter, which started it out small, is becoming very popular, and is on its way to rival facebook. While the two sites are very different, they could very well damage each other in the aspect of social networking. But not in the cases that I will examine today. Twitter… has actually created itself a presence where it integrates into many applications that are already available, and in another neat way to look at it, it’s done the same thing with everyone’s lives who have used or are using Twitter! I personally love it, and that is why I have brought it to a new level here on my site! (:

I have used Twitter… back in the very early days, before it become increasingly popular. And if you have one yourself (and actually use it!), you’ll know it’s quite addicting in a strange way. I thought I was literally the bomb when I embedded a feed from my twitter onto the site in that little green box, so you guys could pretty much see what I was up to (aka my facebook status…haha). But I thought, why not take it a step further? I recently got the new iPhone 3GS, and the first app I downloaded was Twitterrific, and it is so amazing. Go ahead and get that if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, I highly recommend it! And so as I continued to integrate the simple “what are you doing?” aspect into my life, from the web, to my iPhone… I discovered a way where I could add it on to my site, and that is Tweetboard, which is now live on the site!

Replacing the old dusty shoutbox that lived in the Sidebar since the beginning, I have now a more robust, up-to-date app to get more discussions and activity on the site. This is Tweetboard, and it is currently in its alpha stage, meaning it’s been just been released but no where near ready for large-scale distribution.. think of it as you being the beta-testers for them! Basically, you click that spiffy new tab on the left of any page, and the Tweetboard interface will slide out, letting you engage in discussions using your twitter profile, which quite literally is all the rage right now. So it’s up to you. As I continue to streamline the site and tweak to make it as amazing as I can, the Tweetboard app is another exciting addition to the site! Also, I plan to link everyone’s twitter who has been involved in the site, so you can follow them! But in the mean time, you can follow me! (; Ha, I kid I kid (but you really can though)! Well, congrats you made it through my rather boring blog post – but hey, I gotta get the word out about Twitter, and its integration with the site! So, go ahead, try it out! Please post your feedback, I need to know what works and what doesn’t!

Whew… that was alotta Twitter-related info! Getting back to other news, a new video is in the works where the NintendoBoy crew will encounter a very sticky situation and will “literally” not know what will happen next (hint hint!) and will be out early July, as well as the long-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite member adventure game that never actually existed, The Rendezvous!

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  1. CHANDii (with two i's like the Wii!)

    Idkkkkk I know twitter and facebook are different. But i dont find twitter that fun :(…its like…status…lol! and now like EVERYONE has one tehehe

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