Blog: Not a Celebration, more like a relief. *MUST READ*

Written by: Andrew Shain

As most of you know, the Nintendoboy himself was having doubts about his own site.  What a relief that Nintendoboy is here to stay. There must be some changes made though, mainly… the users. As users (the people Nintendoboy makes this site for), you have more power on this site than you know.  If he doesn’t see activity on here he assumes no one will see it, so why bother? Now what are these changes you ask? We all need to be more active on here. That means comment on videos, use the forums, play the gamse, anything the you want on this site. E-mail either Jeffrey or Me and suggest things to  do for videos, articles, or other ideas and we’ll try to make it happen. If hard for just a handful of people to keep a site going if users rarely use it.

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  1. I’m excited for reading stories 🙂

  2. Try running a site like this all by yourself, without getting much views a day (don’t mind the hit counter on my homepage, that shows howmany views my site has had since it started.) You just gotta keep faith. I have just had a busy summer, and not much time on the computer, but I’m still a loyal fan!

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