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Due to unforseen events and a petition of the fellow internetdinosaur followers this site has been brought ack to life. What future awaits our brave, yet clueless, travelers in the void that is the internet. This movement has aroused my philosophical/social science project and I would be honored if you ould jion in on it. please message me on facebook (search joshua indech) and I need to send you all a survey. Jeff is in on the project too and we are getting together tomorrow morning to conference abotu the true future of this site, its followers and the videos. In spite of my lack of dedication i am ashamed to say that I am part of the group that almost NEVER went on. Now I am awakened and now I shall visit here every time I log on to facebook. This is now longer a social network, but a revolution! VIVA LA REVOLUCION (is that how you spell it?)

P.S. I REALLY need to send you all the survey electronically or personally. If youa re uncomfortanble contacting me I will have you contact Jeff and then have you send it to me on the “jinx profile on this site. jeff will idnerstand what I am talking about. It will be called the “New Era Survey” since this survey will keep this site alive. thanks

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  1. So when’s the next video coming out? O_O

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