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jeffrey-vs-rock-bandBoy oh boy, where do I even BEGIN?! I guess it’s my fault for waiting so long to write a blog post about all the happenings here. Well, long story short: the site is here to stay. But I must admit… the site was really going to tank… I was not afraid to pull the plug. But then something happened: inspirational comments. I must thank you all… for commenting and telling me your thoughts, ideas… everything. You have no idea how good it made me feel. I of course can’t forget the many comments I received on Facebook as well, but… these site comments you guys left me… thank you. Thank you so much, I wish I could tell you how much I really appreciate your input. (: I feel as if I was hit with a box of inspiration!! =] (yes, that was my cheesy line to re-use that animated .gif image… HA!)

Since will be around a bit longer (September 17th, 2010… the death date at the earliest… yes, that’s right.. I renewed the domain name… haha), I decided to take my site shopping! We stopped by a few stores, but things we bought were new forum games, even more progress on The Rendezvous (you can login to see the portal now), and a pre-order on new comics by Laura! Soo.. exciting things have yet to come… oh, and a new video of course, but I’ll get to that soon!! Anyway, as far as the site goes, I didn’t stop there. On the About Us page, I added a new section for new visitors to the site and some info on why they should continue to return to the site even if they are not Nintendo fans (cool huh?!)… but wait, there’s more… much more! A big project I undertook and is basically finished is an extension of the About Us page, which is the Amazing People page! This page is a more updated, detailed page of everyone who has worked on the Nintendo Boy Project… so if you really, REALLY wanted to know more about us, you can now quinch your thirst! I’ve also linked this page to every video on the site, as well as the home page! Yeah, it’s that important! OH, and is that a brand new game I see?

Sooo… moving on. I feel like I have so much to say but I’m looking at ways to say it, and in the least amount of words.. I don’t want to keep you here too much longer, but there are a few more items I need to address. First off, a video, which is the most important thing of this blog post… ughh, I already feel like this blog post is so unorganized… oh well, I’m already too far into it… haha. ANYWAY, a video. It’s called THE END. But it’s not really the end, but just a video idea that came from the whole downtime of me almost closing the site… I figure… why not seize that oppurtunity and just throw out a video to accompany all that craziness? Well it turns out… this may be our best video yet. Not even kidding. I am so pleased with the way it turned out, and I think you will be too! So go check that out (links below) on the site, YouTube, and now…. on Facebook! If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new link on the sidebar tobecome a fan of, so go ahead and support the site on facebook and watch and comment on the videos there as well! Soo… I guess that’s it for now…? I can’t think of much else… except to enjoy the site, its new slash upcoming features, and of course the new video*…! :]

 Watch it on the site!! (: |  Watch it in FULL YouTube HD at the direct link!

With so many options, you have no excuse not to watch this new video… look at the pretty banner on the blog… you can even click the link up there too! LAL. Oh, and don’t forget to check out slash update your iTunes podcast.. the new video will be there soon! Anyway, if I missed anything, or you have a question, comment, or anything, as always, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I apologize for how choppy this blog post was… next time I won’t wait so long to update so I have less to say… haha! Thanks for hanging around the site… please, enjoy your stay, and the videos… we have cookies! :3

*For some reason, the new video “The End” was flagged by YouTube’s automatic Content ID System, saying that I have copyright issues, so the video, soon, may or may not be taken down slash muted… I have filed a dispute claim, and hope to have the matter resolved so your viewing pleasure is not interrupted… just wanted to give you a heads up of the hard time I’m having! D:

EDIT #1 (6:57am): The video was taken down this morning. Working on a back-up plan…

EDIT #2 (6:17pm): Well, after a long, LONG day of frustrating events, one after another, I finally gave in and went back into the editing phase, replaced the offending music, saved it in HD (another 2 hours), and then it is now uploading to YouTube as we speak… hopefully by the time you are reading this, you will have finally watched the video… I’ll give you a third and (hopefully) last update when the video is up and stable?! (:

EDIT #3 (7:57pm): Welll.. about 12 hours later (exactly…lol).. the video is up. Thanks for your patience everyone… and to those just joining us… hey.. the video is up… haha!


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    what did u say when u filed a dispute claim?

  2. I’m too lazy to log in (hopefully you know who this is) thanks you the “This one time… At band camp” plug :D. Annnd I love the new sexy people section.

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