The End

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Giving the video-making project one last shot with a Wiimote music video, Jeff finally gives up and releases an official statement about the end of the site…

Jeffrey Vega
Josh Indech

Ellie Giles

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  1. Great video you guys! AND OMG if you look at the still of Josh before you press PLAY he looks posessed (sp?) CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But awesome vid tho 😀

    • HAHAHAHA! It always reminded me of the creepy green wolf eyes from Michael Jackson’s Thriller! Ohhh Josh… this video by far has the best faces of this cool person…! But hey, whatcha gonna do?! x) LOL! (:

  2. Ha-HA! You have been proven wrong, Jeffery Vega; we DID post comments on this video! Haha! BtW: that was the funniest video yet, especially at the end!


  3. ahaha. i’m officially a fan. =)

  4. lol awesome vid like the beggining i used to do random stuff like that with my wii remotes until i whacked a teacher in the face with them while doing wii karate then they just disapeared 🙁 and i miss em oh and i co,mented 😀

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