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homer-simpson-editingWowers! Well this had to be the quickest turn around time for a video yet! NEW RECORD! (ahh I miss Mario Party N64…) It was just last week that the site had a spark of activity… in one week, we released probably our best video to date (didn’t you just love my amazing editing skills at the end?! … and I did it with only a broom mashing on the keyboard… el oh el!), we opened up a Facebook fan page for the site, and received 30+ fans in this short time frame (not a lot.. but hey.. we’re anti-social so it’s a surprise!). I’m proud to say that after a week, we’ve received a lot of feedback (mostly thanks to the facebook page where the videos are actually there to be “liked” and commented on). And now today, a week later, I’m just as surprised as you are that we have another video… that’s right… just a week later! However, there might be a catch… this could very well be the last video with the original guys. D:

Why is that you ask? Well believe it or not, it’s not because I’m all depressed and stuff… it’s because we might not have a choice. In almost a week from now, Josh will be heading out to the University of Georgia and I’ll be heading out to Kennesaw State University… while Andrew stays in Norcross for his senior year of high school! We are all heading out in two opposite directions, an hour away in each direction! Tearrr… I know. Who knows what will happen then?! :/ Don’t get us wrong… we know there is such a thing as weekends, and we will definitely try to meet up somewhere and continue making films… but the way I see it is that if we already have trouble getting together over the summer, how will we do it when we are going to be buried in books and far away from our homes? Sigh… I’m glad we were able to make this last great video (we had alotta fun!) with us three original Nintendo guys (haha), but hopefully it won’t be the last!

Okayyyy… sooo, information about the video? Ugh, I hate this part.. haha… there’s always so much to explain! But at the same time not really… well, so Andrew had “meet your teachers” at NHS, so since my sister is a rising freshman, I tagged along, meeting up with Andrew at the school… and from there, we actually had a little “re-union” with a few friends as a surprise to see Megan!! Yes, that Megan.. fromBoredom!! She has been gone the entire summer doing mission work in Tampa, FL, and needlessly to say we missed her. She finally returned home a few days ago and her sister gathered some close buddies and we all surprised her at the Waffle House near our school! Oh, that was quite fun! =] So from there, since I was with Andrew, we decided to head back to his place to just hang out or whatevs… the time is around 11:30 AM when I txt Josh to come over so we could do a video…! And so he comes over, we get GH: World Tour & Mario Kart Wii out of our systems, we spend the next 2 hours walking around his house, making jokes, eating cold pizza and popcorn thinking of what to make of what could be our last video! After a while, we were like.. ahh screw it, let’s walk to the forum (a popular shopping strip mall slash hangout nearby) and we go into Barnes & Noble, where after seeing a dozen people we knew who begged to be in the video… haha, Josh, Andrew, and I all sit down at Starbucks, get a smoothie, and start writing down some ideas! Oh, and props to Josh… we had no paper or pencil to write down so he bought an $8 notebook so we could write down ideas.. haha (we borrowed the pen from the girl at Starbucks… and by borrow, I mean beg… haha just kidding!). After a good solid 30 minutes, I finally come up with the idea to film at the fountain.. to make wishes! So we write down the opening lines to have some sort of outline and we would wing it from there (a concept that is not new to us at all). After almost 76 takes for a 3 minute video (soo many distractions when filming on location at the forum, McDonalds, and Ingles…lol), we now present you with our video that took a long day of adventurous, but good times… we had so much fun filming this, and I think it shows! =]

 Click here to watch it in our video theater! |  Click here to watch it in HD at YouTube! |

 Click here to watch it on Facebook in case you would rather “Like” it than comment… haha!

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  1. Hey guys! Hows’ it going? Oh man, this was sooo much fun to make… and bee tea dubs, it wasn’t popcorn it was Trader Joes White Cheddar Cheese Puffs.

    • Hahaha, I agree.. this was probably are most exciting video that we pretty much pulled out from the air… and about the popcorn… WAY TO CALL ME OUT ON IT…! Geez did you forget to add a “(tm)” after that Trader Joes name… you said it was popcorn… or tasted like it.. or something like that… I didn’t get popcorn from just randomness… haha!

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