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house-running-awayI don’t know how simpler my blog title could be. I just want to say thank you. For everything. For continuing to support the site, as well as us on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, and just whateva (links on the sidebar)… thanks so much. Every couple days I receive a notification that a member has joined… which is crazy and hard to believe… but thank you.. I wish I could pump out more content for you guys… but… alas, easier said than done. :-/ I promise to write more in the blog, but as you can imagine, college has been crazy… and life has been… different.

I know it seems like I’ve be avoiding the site (much like Dr. House), but really, I check it everyday. I really do. I’m bummed out that nothing new has happened since August… but it’s just been impossible… just like I predicted in my previous blog entry. With Josh being at UGA, Andrew and Laura finishing up high school, and me over at KSU, it’s quite difficult. I do have some videos planned to be released in the next week or so, and they will be very different.. just because I have to make do with what I have. The next batch videos will not have your favorite actors.. which I’m also bummed about.. but there of course will be new people you will grow to love… and whether those people are here at Kennesaw (I’ve met a few possible people), or just people that will come visit me (teehee), it’s all up in the air. The only thing I can promise as far as familiar people… is me. Nintendo Boy will always be here. Of course, anytime the NintendoBoy crew will be home for the weekend will make a magical video that will soon in the future be considered truly nostaglic. Which is sad, considering how many videos we’ve made.. which is not that many.. hahaha (hope you didn’t take our subpar videos for granted *wink wink*)!

Bottom line is, videos are on the way. I miss making them so much, and this withdrawl since college started has not been fun… but gosh, we’ve never been able to keep a consistent batch of videos out, which I know for a fact has hurt the site a lot… wise words from Adam Terrell… people want videos on a regular basis and not a 10-minute quartely update… very well put! I will try my best to make that happen.. but then again when a video does come out everyone freaks out! Haha, well not really. Anyway… yep. Consider this a small update, but many more to come. I’ve made up for lack of videos with this beautiful redesign of the site, as I hope you’ve noticed! :) What do you think of it?  Also tweaks to the site here and there, but it’s all a working progress. But geez, where’s a blog post where I haven’t said that? Sighhhh. OKAY. SO. Remember. Thanks everyone, for continuing to support a project that isn’t ready to die just yet… =]

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