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kirby-tootsie-popWritten by: jinxsprinkles999

Well, so much for being consistent wiith our episodes. well as far as I know we have a two part drama coming out soon. I can tell you this there is: suspense, love, happiness, DEATH, and LIFE to the new and improved nintedoboy the series. I don’t want to over dramatize it though so don’t expectoo much out of this new and improved two part series. Luckily for us it did not rain for these two days and it has made things a lot easier for us. We introduced new characters that may or may not be permanently be added to our list of cast members. THE KGB!!!!!!


Amyway. We started out with the idea we were going to do only a few episodes but with that said, we will be trying our very hardest to upload every month. Maybe we can keep that promise.

Jeff: Promise? who said anything about a promise??

Nevermind I guess we will have to go back to uploading every college break. for now there should be an episode every week for you loyal fans out there so we hope to increase our activity over the next couple of weeks so hang tight and get ready for the start of a new series. The only thing we really need now is a theme song. I was really hoping we could convince the guys from Anamanaguchi to compose a song for us considering they are using a nintendo to help make their songs. I thought that was pretty cool but commissions are probably expensive, and 3 cents a day won’t cut it.

Jeff: What are yout alkign about?! we don’t even make 1 cent a day

okay then 1/2 a cent a day then


Getting back to Anamanaguchi (which we hold no rights to the name or anything to do with the band Anamanaguchi just so we avoid copyright problems) we really hope that we can get some way to incorporate their musical talent in our videos. And guys from anamanaguchi if you read this please feel free to pitch in and we will support you in anyway we can. Its not like we are begging or anything

Jeff: PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!

just ignore the peanut gallery for now. although it may seem like we have it under control I am quite sure it took us 113 takes to get the two vids right. Well thats a story for another day so enjoy our new episode:

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 Click here to watch it on Facebook in case you would rather “Like” it than comment… haha!

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  1. Tee hee, I’m liking the title of this blog post, along with the video 🙂

  2. LOL! I love the fictional comments of me, which I’d probably say anyway! xD

    And for the record, it was 117 takes. :O

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