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lennyAt last, it has finally arrived. That’s right, the blog entry detailing the events of Board Games is finally being typed up! Well, I guess since you’re reading this and it’s already published and such, that doesn’t matter or anything and well I say that because I’M typing this up NOW and uh- ANYWAY! Today, we will briefly discuss Board Games (mainly because it’s been so long and I don’t really remember…teehee) as well as some interesting background factoids that went into to publishing this video. As I transition to the body paragraph of this essay, I will go ahead and try to connect the animated .gif by saying that the “interesting factoid” was a decision that I made so I wouldn’t have to keep trying to figure out why I have no views on YouTube (even Lenny doesn’t know… ha!)

So. Board Games. Where do I even begin? Oh boy, this is going to be one awkward blog entry. Alright, remember that one random scene in Takeover where I called a meeting but only three people showed up to an event where I tried to get Josh to admit he likes Nintendo? Yeah I know, so random, haha. Those three people were in my Communications Learning Community last semester, and I became pretty close with them (and I will add them on the collaboration page soon… I know it’s long overdue but eh, you probably didn’t notice)! They knew I did videos (because I never shut up about it!) and were quite interested when I asked them if they were willing to help collaborate on a video! You know I think I actually already talked about this in a post about Takeover last year… ah well. Anyway, as we all returned from winter break I contacted them all about a video idea I had. After I received an overwhelming positive response, I went immediately went forward with my idea and came up with a rough outline (in my head of course… *nervous laugh*) and was super excited to get it done! We all moved back into our dorms the weekend before the first week of spring semester and reunited and had fun as we improv’d the entire video! So, there really isn’t much to say. I mean, we literally improv’d it. I wish I was a little less annoying (I’m not like that in real life… *cough*), I wish Lauren (the girl on the far left) wasn’t so mean to me, I wish Aubrey (the girl in the middle (wasn’t so annoyed by me), and I wish Jason (the guy on the far right) had more lines, because he was hilarious! But yes, it was a very nice collaboration that I’m very proud of, but I don’t think there will be any more videos with them since they got mad when I spit chocolate milk on them and everywhere (without telling them what I was going to do, I might add)… HAHAHA, just kidding. Or am I? No no, I am. They were terrific guests and look forward to working with them again. We will see… (:

Alrighty, and now for interesting factoid time! Not a huge deal, but definitely worth mentioning. This video was given a different kind of treatment for publishing: YouTube EXCLUSIVE. That’s right, for one week, I decided to only upload the video to YouTube (and not on facebook just yet) to force everyone to go through the popular video site to watch my latest episode! Why did I do this you ask? Well right off the bat, YouTube HD is FANTASTIC! Facebook’s… or really anywhere else… is not so much. I wanted everyone to see my new video in a beautiful resolution… that’s a harmless wish, right?! (: With this, I also conducted an experiment: How many people *actually* watch my videos? I know, crazy right… who would EVER want to know that? The reason why I may not have the best estimate is that my views are skewed because of facebook. Grrr, I’ll get you popular social networking site! *shakes fist* The only reason I post my videos to our facebook fan page is because people have a better, easier option to comment… and you guys know how much I love feedback! I repeat: this is the only reason… so if I don’t get any likes/comments than I assume no one’s really watching it.. or people are just lazy. Eh. But anyway, my experiment actually resulted in me now knowing that people really do watch my videos because, in the week that Board Games was only on YouTube, it garnered unusally high views compared to the others. In fact, as of writing, the video has more views than most of my videos that have been out for more than a 2 months! Now there’s the kind of thing I like to see! Now what will I do with this new found information? Not sure yet… I may continue to make the videos exclusive for a week for the sake of YouTube views, but at the same time the facebook video suffers because no one watches/comments because they’ll be like.. “oh that’s not new, I’ve already seen that!” My case is proven with Board Games on facebook, which has only a comment by one of our actors… :/ SO. It’s a hard choice. Perhaps I’ll just continue to upload them to YouTube & Facebook at the same time so neither suffer but at the same time the views will be more spread out… BUT, as long as I receive feedback, I can live with that! *looks at you* (;

 Click here to watch it in our video theater! |  Click here to watch it in HD on YouTube! |

 Click here to watch it on Facebook in case you would rather “like” it than comment… haha! 

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