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spongebob-night-shiftAfter I kept uploading a test version of our new video to YouTube, I literally looked like Spongebob in that episode where he had to work the scary night shift! Why’s that you ask? Oh… you didn’t ask? Well, this is awkward. Okay well I’ll tell you anyway! It’s because SO much editing went into this latest project that I was twitching, panting, and pretty much freaking out until I finally got everything perfect! I think I’ve talked about before how my computer isn’t powerful enough to handle playback of the AVCHD files I film with, so that makes it really hard to edit. So basically I have to watch it on the camera, write down the times of where I need to cut, clean up, etc, and then do it on the software, AND THEN upload it to YouTube as a private clip so I can watch it and see if that will work. Pretty time consuming if you ask me… but hey, it’s worth it.

So this new video is a special one. Because it is the first video of this year (FINALLY!) that brings us the long-awaited return of the Nintendo Boy crew to the theaters!!! Ahh it’s been so long. I’ve had to fill the gaps by coming out with videos that feature special guests, and they’ve definitely proven to be a successful video series! But ohhh, there is nothing like our original sketchy videos that I started with Josh and Andrew (and Ellie here and there!), and I’m excited to say that I have finally seen their beautiful faces again over spring break! While it was great hanging out again, we were all excited to make the next Nintendo Boy video! Not only is this occassion special because you see some familiar faces, but you see some other famous faces as well! Well, okay, none of us are really all that famous, but I can dream right?! This new video features guest stars from the YouTube channel, Ubersuperbular Productions! I approached Danielle of the video group and had an idea for a collaboration. You see, dear reader, our own Andrew Shain is a part of this production as well. I have no idea how or when that happened, but it was probably when slash because Josh and I are in college, haha. Either way, I had the idea that the Nintendo Boy group and the Ubersuperbular group should go head-to-head somehow and fight for Andrew’s love- err, I mean… rights to use him in videos! So, that’s what we did! And like any good ol’ fashioned arguement about wanting someone in a video, you settle it with a bowl-off!

Woohooooo, exciting stuff! As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of hard core editing that went on in this video because the footage we had from the bowling alley was so raw… and after many trial-and-errors, I finally was able to pump out a great new video! Again, it features the original Nintendo Boy cast, a really awesome collaboration, and all of us bowling terribly… what else could you ask for?! Nothing. (:

 Click here to watch it in our video theater! |  Click here to watch it in HD on YouTube!

Oh, and in case you wondering, this video will not be uploaded on facebook due to personal reasons… also, I’ve finally pretty much decided that it’s not worth having the views of my videos spread out because of Facebook (as opposed to having all views on one video link) when not that many people like/comment on it (so I can see feedback since they don’t show you the views)… plus, the HD setting on Facebook isn’t up to par with YouTube (aka it’s awful). So yeah. I will no longer upload Nintendo Boy videos to Facebook… sorry for the inconvenience (although special clips like bloopers I might still consider uploading…)! I will, in return, provide more exclusive stuff (yet to be announced!) on our fan page, so make you are a fan of us!! Thank you for reading this great blog post and PSA… have a wonderful day!

EDIT – April 18th, 2010: So… I’m not gonna go into details just yet why I chose to do this, BUT, this video is now on facebook for your viewing pleasure!

 Click here to watch it on Facebook in case you would rather “like” it than comment on it… haha!

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