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system-failure4 AM. Almost 5. It’s pretty late… or early? I’m laying down on my roommate’s bed on her computer. I have made contact with you because you must know something that is vital to national security! Er, okay, not really. But what really is going on is actually serious. I’m going to keep this blog post as brief as possible because I hope the situation will pass, hopefully by the time you even read this (but probably not). As of last Thursday, June 3rd, my computer had begun to show no signs of life. ): Basically it’s just decided to not turn on anymore. I had spent this past weekend in frustration hoping that I could some how fix my good ol’ HP Pavilion laptop. Sunday night came around with no luck, and I faced the reality that I would begin a summer semester week… without a computer. *tear* I tried everything… I’ve looked up troubleshooting (haha), typed up my problem on Google, performed hard resets, tested my battery and AC power adaptor… NOTHING. Not only am I worried that my computer might be dead, but I have a lot of important files on my hard drive, including all my movies. So in a nutshell, I’m not a happy camper. Thank goodness for my iPhone on the AT&T network because it’s pretty hard to be productive without some sort of computer during school.

So, how much does this affect the project? Well, 100%. On Thursday, I announced on our facebook page that the new video I’ve been working titled “Trumpet Lessons” would be set for release June 7th. In the tradition of never making my own deadlines, my laptop decided to quit. Hoping I could fix things on my own, I kept quiet until a few days later when I realized I would have to accept defeat and leave my computer at home. I’m just really annoyed that I was very close to finishing the new video and the laptop died, and now I’m stuck because I need to finish it and can’t clear and use my camera because I still need to be able to watch the clips. That being said…

Sadly, I have to put the Nintendo Boy Project on a real hiatus (no pun intended). It seems like we always take breaks since the gap between videos can be longer than desired, but truth be told we are always working on scripts, site ideas, and of course filming and editing. So we’re always working on something, even if you don’t see it, but now… we have no choice because I can’t do anything without my computer. I’ll keep you guys updated, hopefully the next blog post will be much more positive, and that my computer was saved. I look forward to putting out this video I was working on; hopefully see you soon, and thanks for your support!

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  1. You know that my mom is a computer engineer, right? Her job is to tell other computer chip companies how to fix their own problems, and she’s made a lot of computers by hand (along with my brothers). I don’t know about a laptop, but I’d say you have a better chance of getting yours fixed if you have her take a look at it. or just take it to that computer store maintenance thingy. Either way, really.

  2. OH NO!! Hope you get the computer fixed soon.

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