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fry-sandwich-pantsGood News Everyone! (Hmm, that’s getting quite repetitive by now, with the blog title and everything… or is it when it’s said 3 times? Anywho…) Seven years ago, my favorite cartoon ever was canceled by Fox, but on June 24th, 2010, it was brought back from the grave and began airing a new season on Comedy Central… FUTURAMA! But anyway, this post isn’t about Futurama, I just wanted to tell you guys about this in case you have been living under a rock! And yes, this little personal blurb of info you just read was to justify the animated image, IN CASE you haven’t caught on yet! (;

ANYWAY, this post is to give you an update from the last entry about the hiatus we’ve been forced to take. Good News Everyone! (OH, there goes the repetition…) The hiatus is coming to an end, but the exact date is yet to be known because it is basically whenever MY BRAND NEW MACBOOK PRO comes in the mail!!! That’s right, you read that correctly, a MacBook Pro!!! My birthday is tomorrow and this is my present… pretty fantastic, don’y you think? (: It has all the bells and whistles, custom configured at the Apple Online Store, including FINAL CUT EXPRESS preinstalled! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a very VERY nice movie studio software exclusively made by Apple, and has quite a price tag. But in these cases, you get what you pay for, so I am quite excited with all the amazing new features I’ll be able to take advantage of! The 15″ Macbook Pro I am receiving (with a student discount I might add!) is of the newer models, that came out in April earlier this year, and has the new Intel chip and HD graphics, and ahhhh I COULD GO ON, and I WILL. Actually, just kidding. I won’t do that, because you want to keep reading this and be done with it, so let me just move on. One quick thing though: MACBOOK PRO! Okay, I got it out of my system!

That whole paragraph being said, there are some sadder news, if you also didn’t figure this out.

My old HP Pavilion laptop… Compy, Rest In Peace.

It is back in my arms now, and after a long horrendous month of being laptop-less (see the date on the last blog post), we have figured out that the motherboard is fried, and it’s too costly slash not worth it to fix. Apparently it did turn one once in the hands of one of the people with the task of fixing it who were looking at, so I will continue to be optimistic and hopes that maybe I can get it working again…

But for now, I must succumb to buying a USB enclosure, remove the old hard drive and spew out all my goodies from the HP onto my new Apple computer! I am quite excited to get things moving again, as I have SIX, COUNT ‘EM, SIX NEW VIDEOS PLANNED, including a special message video (more on that coming soon) as well as a special video about my HP. A video that was completed by the end of May, Trumpet Lessons, will finally see the light of day once I salvage the edited files, render, and complete the publishing process on my new computer! GET EXCITED! See you guys soon!!!

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  1. Ooh-oh! Specs!? Where are they?

    Want to know what’s REALLY creepy? I just bought a new desktop not an hour ago from newegg! It is to replace one we got 5 or 6 years ago. Talk about coincidence.

  2. oy, very nice. Final Cut Express is a very good program. I don’t use it myself, but I have watched my dad use it, and I think you’ll will love it.
    My inner tech geek actually would like to hear you ramble about specs-but you know, you don’t have to.

    • Oh Brett, how right you were. Final Cut Express is AMAZING. Also, honestly, I’d love to see your inner teck geek emerge so I will definitely post the specs soon. 😉

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