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the-joker-nurseThis summer flew by fast. But isn’t that how it always works? For The Nintendo Boy Project, however, the summer crawled. What was hoping to be a summer of my first short film, ended up being the summer of trumpets. That’s not really a bad thing since I am proud of “Trumpet Lessons,” but wow what an adventure I had in order to finally release that video out to the public. May 28th was the day it was filmed, I took about a week to edit and put it all together nicely, and then… *EXPLOSION* I run away in fear that my motherboard has fried on my HP laptop, which sadly is exactly what happened.

The entire month of June consisted of me practically living in the computer lab of the suites during summer semester, which wouldn’t have been so bad if the computers had something other than Internet Explorer (an old verison of it, I might add). I could live it with that, but what I couldn’t live with was knowing that I was so close to releasing a fantastic new video and then have my computer turn off for the last time the night before I planned to release it. I basically had to sit on this video, hoping I could soon extract the video files by taking out the hard drive and hope that I would soon get another computer. Despite Summer 2010 not seeing a single new video, it all worked out in the end when I found out I would be getting a MacBook Pro! From then on I was able to re-create “Trumpet Lessons” with Final Cut Express and FINALLY get it out within a matter of days of getting the computer! From that moment on, I’ve received nothing but great feedback for this video featuring Parker & Dale, and now that I have the incredible technology to make videos better and easier (see previous blog entry), I’ve been working on 3 new videos, ALL AT ONCE! You know, since I can do that now (again, see the previous blog entry)!

So. It might have taken 2 months to get out, but I hope that “Trumpet Lessons” was well-worth the wait. But, only you can be the judge of that, so if you haven’t seen it yet, make it the next video you watch!

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P.S. Sorry for not being able to post this entry about the video until now, but with my final exams for summer semester (passed all my classes with A’s… WOOHOO!) as well as working to produce more videos, I haven’t had the time to sit down and write this. But as I always say, better late than never, right? (;

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