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spongebob-fishWell, it’s that time again! That time, where anything that has to do with a current video is officially completed. Usually when I release a video, I advertise the heck out of it for a week. It’s really tedious and tiresome, because people probably end up hating me by the end of the week since every tweet and facebook link I post is about a video they probably already saw because I’m so popular. Ha, just kidding. Despite the annoying work that comes with telling people about my video during “Nintendo Boy week,” I’m excited knowing that literally hundreds of people are watching my work. In the middle of that week I usually post some production stills on our facebook page, and then at the end of the week, when the average views are about 200, I post the outtakes which I’ve put together during the week. All in all, it’s an exciting time, but once that first week is over, it’s officially out of my hands, you know? It’s out for the world to see, and it’s a great feeling. This is also the time that I update the blog which you are now reading, so here we go!

Our latest video “Summer Reading” is definitely one that I am proud of. The pre-production for this video was a quick turn around and we only had one day to do it (but isn’t that how most our videos are?) We filmed on a day where the days before that Ali & Katie were on vacation and then the day after Katie would go back to GA Southern, so there was definitely pressure. There was also some added pressure to the fact that some lady in the book store told us not to film and then there was some even more added pressure when I had to edit and publish the video quickly before Norcross High (most of my fan base) came back into session for the year. I think with all that factored in, this was a pretty successful video. It took a long time to film the final scene as you’ll see in the outtakes, but man was it a fun day. A long day, but definitely fun. In fact, the final scene was decided as we all took a break from the B&N scenes and had lunch at Jason’s Deli where I forced everyone to come up with an idea, which I’m sure you can guess ultimately lead nowhere.

Well SOMEHOW, we did it. Another mostly improv’d video (aside from the beginning and end, which I most always write) is now added to the canon of Nintendo Boy videos. Also, you may have noticed this was shorter than average… how did you like that? I mean, no one wants to sit through a 4 minute video… you should probably start expecting more shorter videos, so look out for that. But not until you finished Summer Reading… also, make sure you finish your summer reading assignment as well!

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