Blog: Catching Up on Team Effort (About Pt. 2) – Part 1

Okay, so you know how OCD I am. I MUST have a blog entry for EVERY video in the “Project Video Updates” category, even if they are just “parts” of a bigger episode. Yes, I’m talking about Team Effort. So, if you’ll excuse me, I will make two quick blog updates (without .gif images — blame the budget cuts) about parts 2 and 3, and then conclude the Team Effort series with a slightly longer post about the finale. So, without further ado, let’s dip into the Part 2 pool, including the most intentionally confusing blog title ever (but not really).

So, Part 2. You know what, I’m gonna watch it again just to refresh my memory. *One minute and 47 seconds later* Well, that was pretty good! So, at this point you can figure out how this video is going to be set up. In the first video, I explain my Point-of-View to our professor, so in this episode Ashley explains her POV. Also in this episode, which I would HOPE you would catch on, is that in the second cutaway of the flashback, while her story is different from mine, some lines are repeated such as the “DON’T EVEN ASK THAT / YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT.” I talked to someone who watched them as they came out, and she didn’t notice the reference. ARGH. Ah well, maybe you will? In the off- chance you haven’t watched Pt. 2 (Depression) yet, here are some handy links below! Enjoy!

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