BLOG: Catching Up on Team Effort (About Pt. 3) – Part 2

Wow. Wow Wow Wow. I hate it when I put something off that I like doing to the point where it’s a chore now. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about: these blog posts! I mean, it’s the middle of October and I’m really still talking about TEAM EFFORT, the feature from September!? I mean, geez. You’re probably sick of hearing about that video series because it’s literally what we’ve all been about since August (believe me, it’s tiring me out too), so I’M FINISHING THIS TODAY. I even posted the photos from filming on our facebook page, and you can find that link on the front page of the site. ALRIGHT, let’s get these last two blog posts done (for Team Effort Parts 3 & 4)…

*rewatches Part 3* Ah yes… the turning point of the series. You knew that there would be just one more episode after this one considering how it ended. It is in Part 3 that all of our POV’s are finished, and the Professor finally quiets us into an ultimatum. What I wanted to accomplish in the end is a sense of defeat with myself, and have a sort of “dream-like flashback” of the “IT PROBABLY IS YOUR FAULT” so it would be a VERY obviously hint that I would was the one who didn’t do the part of the project because of the guilt-ridden look I had as it silently cut to a “TO BE CONTINUED…”

However as you know (if you’ve seen the finale), you know that it wasn’t a guilt look I was sporting, but a look of intense thinking as I decide to take one for the team in the finale… but more in that in the next blog post! I’ve included the links below so you can re-watch it… or at least I hope it’s a re-watch… I mean, if you haven’t seen it this whole entry was a huge spoiler alert…! Then again, you don’t get to see the funny stuff that happens in the video (including a good ol’ Spongebob reference!) in a blog entry, so click below!

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