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troy-abed-cookiesWhew. Here we are! I’m sitting in a Panera Bread trying to look like I’m writing a novel, but I’m not fooling anyone here. I do have a blazer on, so I guess it helps a little bit. So tonight we are to finish up talk about Team Effort. Yes, you’re sick of it, I know. I am too. I’ve planned this since August, filmed it in between for a release every Monday in September, and now we’re in the middle of October as I FINALLY finish blogging about it, something I normally do the day of the release. Because of these late entries, probably no one will be reading this (except YOU of course… thank you!!) but I enjoy typing my thoughts out. I’M EXCITED TO FINISH THIS, so let’s get it done! *go buys a Panera Bread cookie*

So. Part 4. My favorite episode (although not brightness-editing wise *cough), and the 3 episodes prior to this were all leading up to it. Okay, well that was obvious. BUT I’M JUST SAYING. THIS WAS THE EPISODE! WOO. It was also the episode that caused me the most stress ever for a video I’ve done. BASICALLY, we managed to film Parts 1-3 all in one looong day, out of order of course. Part 4, at the time of filming the first episodes was not clear to me, although of course I had some ideas floating around in my head. Before you start talking smack about me, you must know that I always come up with the endings of my videos FIRST. Consider it a little secret of mine. I just have to know how the video will end because that is honestly the most important aspect of a video. Well, the videos I make, at least. It’s like Public Speaking… the first and last parts will always leave a lasting impression, which is why I always try to open a video with a funny out-of-context one-liner and then something fantastic at the end. This wasn’t the case for Team Effort, because I didn’t know how to tie it all together. I knew all along that I wanted the ending to be a twist, and to make me look like the culprit in Parts 1-3 but then not have me as the person who slacked off. But, I didn’t know how to pull that off.

I wasn’t too worried about it, because after finishing filming on the first couple days of September, I had a month until Part 4 was due to be released. Let me tell you, last month went by SO FAST. I slowly became more stressed because I still didn’t know how to end it, even with me being locked in a room trying to write the ending, as well as asking my sister and the actors for input. Actually, Ashley and Edlyn (the actors) played a large role in how the series turned out. The idea of having a theme for each video (Hunger, Depression, etc) was their idea… now THAT’S a collaboration! I need to give a big thanks to Lauren as well, for helping me film the entire Part 4, including the scene in the classroom that was filmed on a separate day… which you can probably guess is my favorite scene. (;

Alrighty, now for the actual storyline. I was worried it would be too ambiguous, but I believe it turned out okay. THE ENDING: I ended up doing all the work, but I put their names on the project so they got credit too, yet they didn’t know I did that… hence the description… “sometimes being a friend is doing good things for people even if they never know it,” or whatever I wrote, haha. I just sort wanted to do a good moral type thing, like not expecting a thank you for good deeds, but then again you really shouldn’t credit to people who don’t do anything. Uhh, now I’m confused. *panics* CUT TO CAMERA B!

I was a little bummed out when I found out a close friend and fantastic follower of the site said she didn’t catch the reference where in every episode someone asks the “Wanna hang out later!?” dialogue and the following response corresponds with the theme of the episode. That was my favorite little part of the whole series, and I’m sad that people may not have cuaght that. Perhaps a week was too long of a wait to remember? Should I have inserted a “Previously on TEAM EFFORT…” segment? Ah well. I’m learning from all this. I do know that I won’t be doing another multi-parter for a while, so if you didn’t like this, don’t worry because we will be returning to the good ol’ 2-3 minute sketches. The reason I want to work on more videos like that is because… well, when the views of the first episode of Team Effort are 216 and the finale has 87 (these are all at time of writing obviously), I did something wrong. But I wanted to do something different, and you all will never know how hard it was and the things I had to do to pull this off. But oh well, it’s all part of the job… (:

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