nRant: Nintendo Hates The Beatles!

john-lennon-offended*exhale* Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a rant… but there really hasn’t anything to say until now. There seems to be a pattern of me complaining about Rock Band, but boy oh boy do I have some things to get off my mind! So grab a seat, as I call out Nintendo for some of the frustration I’ve faced with The Beatles: Rock Band, specifically regarding the Download Content (DLC). Read on to see why John Lennon looks so offended…!

I have been a fan of The Beatles: Rock Band since it came out. Yeah okay, I never really actually talk about video games or Nintendo on here anymore, but heyy… does anyone really wanna hear my banter? HA. But yes, I do still play video games and stuff when I have the time, but that’s once in a blue moon! ANYWAY. The Beatles. They are literally one of my all-time favorite bands. They have the best music I’ve ever heard. So you could imagine how ecstatic I and the other millions of other Beatles fans around the world were when this hit 9/9/09. Grabbing it at Micro Center for a crazy low $39.99 (regularly $59.99), I immediately headed over to my friend Katie Marsh‘s house (she’s in a new video that will appear on the site soon!) and we ripped open the game and we had SO much fun. If you have played the game, we can all agree that the dreamscapes (the trippy backgrounds) are the coolest part of the game. Harmonix & Pi Studios (they specifically developed the Wii version) did a FANTASTIC job on this title, and I was VERY happy with this game and everything about it! You can ask my sister ell oh elll… when slash if I came home for the weekend I was playing that game non-stop! OKAY. So you get the point. I LOVE this game. I LOVE The Beatles. All you need is LOVE! HA. Now… here comes the part of the rant where I frown upon something that has recently come to my attention.

The Abbey Road album just hit the music store for all systems (Wii, 360, PS3) for you to download with new dreamscapes, new songs, even the Abbey Road medley! OH WAIT. The Wii version does NOT get the Abbey Road medley. Why, you ask? Read on. First, if you are unfamiliar with the Abbey Road medley, it is simply the last 9 songs on the Abbey Road album; they are all rather short, but the songs are seamlessly connected to one beautiful 16 minute listening experience – like I said, they are all individual songs, but when they are played together it is widely known as the Abbey Road medley… if you don’t have this album, I definitely recommend getting it to listen to this fantastic medley! Okay, so I mentioned that this clocked in at almost 16 minutes. It looks like Nintendo has a problem with huge file sizes, so they made it impossible for Wii owners to play the medley straight-through as it was meant to be played, but instead rather they broke it up into 5 parts. That’s right, 5 freaking parts. Instead of being able to play the medley straight-through, Wii owners will have to sit through 5 loading breaks to bring up the other songs in the medley. Do I even need to mention that 360 & PS3 owners will have no trouble playing this medley and be able to fully experience the abbey road album? The surprising factor is that this is not the fault of Harmonix, but of Nintendo. They have weird file restrictions and such, which is understandable considering the Wii has literally no internal memory storage, while the 360 & PS3 are always advertised as having like 120 GB systems. GAH NINTENDO. Why did you have to be different? “Nah, let’s not use GB. Let’s just say you have 100 blocks of memory!” What does that even mean?!

abbey-roadOkay. NOW, here’s the kicker of this whole sha-bang. You are gonna LOVE this. Because of this wacky file size thing, we are not allowed to purchase the album in full. We have to go into the store and buy each track individually if we want the whole thing. If you are an iTunes-music-purchaser, you know that buying the whole album is cheaper than getting each track one-by-one. Yep. That’s the case here. 360 & PS3 can hit the “buy full album” button and get the entire album for $17.99, medley and all. It’s pretty bad for Wii owners. Ready for this? All we can do is hit each song one-by-one and end up spending $19.50. What. the. heck. So basically we are forced to pay MORE (because of not being able to buy the album but just songs) for a LESS quality product (instead of the full medley we just get the puzzle pieces of it). And what’s funny is that The Beatles: Rock Band has sold the best on the Wii platform (I guess the party nature of the Wii matches the party atmosphere of rock band). In the end, we are left with angered Wii fans who just want what the 360 & PS3 owners get – we paid the same freaking price for the game, so why do we get the shaft? A call to action plan would be to lower the price because we can’t get it at the buy the album price. There’s literally nothing we can do about it… it’s a file size problem with Nintendo, but geez, we shouldn’t have to pay more because of their personal problems. As much as I want to add Abbey Road and its famous medley to my game, I refuse to do it under conditions like this. Let me re-inforce what I said earlier: We are forced to pay MORE for a LESS quality product… just because we chose Nintendo. I’d rather pay $17.99 for the full thing with the medley then $19.50 for the chopped-up lesser version. No full album ability, no medley, but hey, let’s pay more money for that, just for kicks and giggles!!! *sarcasm* Thanks Nintendo. This is THE definition of unfair. :/

Blog: quickie!!

Written by: jinxsprinkles999

Quick and exciting update about some games and music i have recently seen and/or reviewed. For you RPG fans there are some amazing games out for grabs for DS. I’m all about handheld since thats al i can afford. I know we may abe a little old but if youare interested Pokemon Platinum is out and ready to be ordered. It should be intene with all new pokemon to collect legendaries to fin AND EVOLVE =). I know right and you that manaphy was hard enough to get. Anyway next on our newcomer list is for you Final Fantasy Crystal Cronicals: Ring of Fates, Final Fantasy IV, and FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2! As a fan of tactics gaes like fire emblem and Advanced Wars I believe that FFTA2 will be amazing but all to their own. All of these games are expected to be amazing if you decide to invest some money into them.Finally is a Wii game tat I recently played and is a lit of un. If youare a little mischievious and greedy you can relate to our good evil twin of Mario: Wario. In WarioLand: Shake it! you shake only the controller vertically to control ario to new 2d and vibrantlevels and shake the controller for special extra moves, shake enemies like crazy, and other antics to get yourself as many coins as possible for greedy Warios or yourself(if that were possible. Finall is our music of odds and ends. I recently bought a CD for a unique group called Flight of the Concords(or FotC for now). FotC is a duo from New Zealand who sings comedic music but might be a little obscene if youare too young but stilll funny so don’t let parents hear xD. I am not comerciallizing this site you can even hear thes guys for free on youtube or mooch off somebody for the games. I was jut overwhelemed with how behind i am in gaming because of school and all the other crap i have to deal with. if you wanna hear flight of the concerds here is an example song:

Just copy paste on to your searchengine cause i suck at getting my computer to get this to work.  I dont mean to oveshadow Jeff’s interview so make sure to check out that interview on Nathan’s site. 🙂

Blog: Nintendo DSi and old school gaming

Written by: jinxsprinkles999

Josh here for a quick updaye on whats going on lately in the nintendo world! My research will not be as extensive as Nintednoboy”s but at least I won’t take four months to update this site all the time >:(

Mine will also not be as fancy as Nintendoboy’s because i do not have access to any pictures so you are jsut goign to have to bear with my computer illiteracy.

The NB project team is currently discussing their next NB video so keep an eye out for that for it wll go over the latest in Nintendoboy commentary and antics. Although, since the last documentary was a failure we will NOT do a documentery…hopefully. On the bright side Nintendo should have new merchandise comign ot thsi year! The Nintendo DSi is expected to release sometime this year with a camera built in and wifi and upgradable software. Unfortunately I ahve heard rumors of brand new game cartridges so you might have to keep taht old DS of yours to play your favorite DS games. Agai this is from school so to find this out yourself jsut go to the forums discuss with people who mgiht actually know what they are talking about o_o.

Aside from the modern games and consels and fancy handheld devices I have found myself reminiscing to old school gaming from NIntendo. Heldheld games like Zelda: The Four Swords,  andPokemon Red and Blue  versions. Another instant classic is Megaman and Metroid. The Final making the favorites and classics list is Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. Hope you enjoyed this breif update from jinx. Over and out!

nRant: RB1 > RB2, right?! WRONG.

nrantI thought about writing something about Rock Band, and it seemed fitting with our latest video, the Rock Band Documentary. You… have seen that, correct?! :) Anyway, Rock Band! How many of you actually own this rather expensive game? Of course I do, and if you have keen eyes when watching our Rock Band video, you’ll see that I have the original Rock Band 1 (RB1) Special Edition version, rather than the much more superior Rock Band 2 (RB2) set… although, I do have the RB2 disc-only game! Now, I’ve had a reason for this odd purchase, and when I stumbled upon a recent article about RB1 & RB2 for Wii, I felt I had to come out with my thoughts.


The article at GoNintendo titled “Consumer buy Rock Band [1] for Wii, love less features,” is of course a sarcastic statement, but according to statisitcs… it’s true! O_O Now, if you are someone who keeps up with game information, the following rant about Rock Band for Wii will not be news to you. Basically, when Rock Band 1 first came out in 2007, it came out for Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3. Way to leave Nintendo in the dark, huh? Well finally in June 2008, Harmonix (the game company for RB), finally gave Wii owners the chance to rock out and release RB1 for Wii (almost half a year later). You think, finally you can be cool and pretend to play in a band!


FYI, RB2 beats RB1 in EVERY WAY, as RB2 Wii had all the features that RB1 were missing… so I guess in a way, Harmonix apologized and FINALLY delivered RB2 with all the bells and whistles, something we deserve! And having both games from experience, every Wii owner needs to pick up RB2… a fantastic game!


Here was my plan. I knew indirectly that I would pretty much be supporting Harmonix of buying crappy games (RB1), as evidenced by the article mentioned earlier. I did this, not because I love less features (that is so stupid), but because I am a SMART shopper! Let’s take a look:

Option A) RB1 Full Bundle + RB2 Disc = $100 + $50 = $150

Option B) RB2 Full Bundle + RB1 Disc = $190 + $50 = $240


As you can see, I went with Option A for the price tag. $150 is LOWER than the entire RB2 bundle by itself, yet I am getting 2 games for STILL, less than RB2. Now, you can’t tell me that isn’t smart shopping. Of course, there is the downside of supporting Harmonix’s crappy version of RB1 version, which prompted the above linked article, and also pretty much getting the old set of instruments. With RB2, the instruments are new and improved, most notably the drums having a gel center on the pads to quiet the noise a little bit more. Soo I’m pretty much getting the “ugh” bundle of RB, but I save almost $100 by doing it this way. However, there was one really neat benefit that I tell myself for getting the RB1 bundle, and that was because the drums are white, to match the Wii! Now, that’s kinda cool, I will admit, considering the other platforms are just the boring gray/black color, including the RB2 Wii version. So maybe Harmonix gave us a special white-colored drum set as an incentive for buying a lacking RB1? Who knows. That’s what I tell myself. Even though I sadly gave my money toward the shoddy product that is RB1, I still got both RB1 & RB2 for less than RB2 by itself. Soooo, that’s my reason why I bought the RB1 bundle. But trust me, if money wasn’t an issue, I wouldn’t of touched RB1 with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole. 🙂



So, that’s my rant on Rock Band. Again, if you haven’t read the article I linked above, please take a look at it, it isn’t that long, and it’s pretty much what prompted me to type out this rather long nRant. But thanks for reading, as I see you’ve made it to the end! 😀 Also.. you may be thinking, what about Guitar Hero: World Tour? Well, again, from watching the Rock Band video… I’m just a Rock Band kinda guy. 😉 (and a smart shopper!)


Ready to discuss this nRant? Join in on the thread here:

Blog: Comfy Clothing

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for the cold to kick in. I’m tired of the heat, and loves when the fall/winter air arrives to cleanse us! You see, the way I feel, is that in the summer time, there’s really nothing you can do except just sweat it out and be uncomfortable (however water and ice cream seem to taste better on these days!). In the winter time, you can actually do something about it, and that is to wear more comfy clothing! I’m sure you can probably find some loopholes in my argument, but yeah. :] Anyway, I felt the urge to make some information known to you that you probably did not know prior to reading this post!

hot-topic-wii-hoodieIf you haven’t already, please direct your eyes to the Hot Topic model on the left. This guy is sporting the (in)famous Wii Hoodie I wore in Episode #1.3, Timebomb. I bought this with some Christmas money last year, along with some Hot Topic coupons (that place is expensive!!), and well, there were having a $10 off hoodie sale, which still ended up costing around $30ish. That being said, it pains me to tell you that you can now grab this one-of-a-kind hoodie for just $11.99! No joke, Hot Topic is getting rid of this awesome hoodie, so if you want to be just like Nintendo Boy (or not…), grab this amazing deal by clicking here!

I actually really like Hot Topic, and you’d be surprised at how much Nintendo goodies they have for sale if you’ve never been to their store. Just for kicks and giggles, I’d suggest you take a look at the Nintendo section of their site, and there’s actually some really cool apparel there, and *some* of them are for an incredibly great price. Yes, if you were thinking this earlier, yes, this is my secret of Nintendo-geeky items; I wait until Hot Topic has a sale! Seriously though, they have things from plushies and messenger bags, to tons of really cool shirts. I promise you’ll find something you like, so if you’re trying to not spend money now, don’t click here, where all the Nintendo stuff is!! :]

nRant: Wii Motion Plus at the Resort

nrantHey guys, sorry for lack of updates this past week, but I was at band camp! Perhaps more on that later… anyway, here’s a juicy new nRant to take up some of your time you really shouldn’t be wasting… after all school is coming up for many of us soon!

So, the last nRant was about the upcoming E3. Now that that has come and gone, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that it didn’t live up to people’s expectations. Maybe even the worst E3… not sure why really, but I kinda touched the subject on the last post… I wondered what they could pull out from their sleeves, and the answer was, sadly, not much. Of course there were new games announced and etc, and blah blah, but really, not much of ‘breaking news’ really hit. However, we did get new information from the big N, and the biggest news is a new accessory for the Wii remote which will be used with a new installment of Wii Sports.

wii-sports-resort-wave-raveThat’s right, you heard correctly. The sequel to the famous Wii Sports game that EVERY Wii Owner has (haha) is Wii Sports Resort. The game takes place at something of a beach resort, where your Mii will engage in more exciting activities. It was announced that there will be 10 games (as opposed to Wii Sports’ 4) which include activities such as frisbee with a Mii dog (?), jet ski, and even some fencing, which is like sword play. Well, now you’re thinking, oh that sounds kinda cool. It gets better. WSR will be the first game to utilize something called Wii Motion Plus. This accessory, which is attached to the bottom of your Wii remote, will allow 1:1 control! Yes, that’s right, 1:1 control. For those of you who don’t know what this is, basically, whatever you do with the remote will be copied exactly on the game in real time. So, imagine this while playing Zelda, and you swing the Wii remote (as the sword) in an awkward way, well, the way Link will swing the sword will be the exact way. Pretty awesome, no? This allows for more precise motion control, hence the name, Motion Plus.

wii-motion-plusI believe this to be a new step for the Wii, and it’s a nice new addition. This accessory will debut sometime in Spring 2009, and will actually be bundled with Wii Sports Resort for $50. So, there’s some bang for your buck. And as you can see in the picture to the right, the WMP accessory will also come with an extended version of the Wii Remote Jacket to work with WMP. Of course, the next line of games will most likely be using WMP to where they see fit, so shelling out the $50 for WSR and WMP doesn’t sounds like such a bad deal. I mean, wouldn’t you want to obtain the sequel to Wii Sports, the BEST-SELLING GAME THAT EVERY WII OWNER HAS?! Haha. Well, if you don’t like my jokes, you may still enjoy WSR. I’ll be honest and say that I played Wii Sports for maybe a week after I got my Wii, and then… eh. I mean, if I have Zelda, Mario Party, etc., why bother still playing Wii Sports? Of course I may be biased seeing as I’m somewhat of a hard-core gamer and don’t fancy playing Mii Bowling too much, but the game is really perfect for anyone, and especially those who have really never even touched a gaming console.

So, what do you think? Are you gonna pick up this newest peripheral from Nintendo

At $50, it may be a bit pricy for just another simple game to use your Miis, but it may be little time just before every game is using the 1:1 motion feature of this new device, and you will be soon succumbed to join in on the latest craze.

nRant: What to expect at E3 2008?

nrantHere it is. The first nRant post. The post where I rant about the latest ongoings of Nintendo!

Sooo… E3. I am quite excited about this, and it’s sneaking up on us July 15th. Don’t know what E3 is? Well, then I’d say you are not a gamer. Check out the wikipedia entry of E3 and also the official website to get more details if you’re clueless. Go ahead and check, I’ll still be here. … Ok, ready?

So, by now you know that E3 is an event where the giants of gaming, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony (and along with many other companies), duke it out and show off upcoming releases for the year following the Expo. Now, this is exciting, because this is where the big news happens, news that shocks everyone. E3 was the place that the big N announced their next-gen console, the “Nintendo Revolution” a couple years back, which of course we all know and love as “Wii”.

e3Now, for this year, I wonder, what else could Nintendo pull out from their sleeves? Brawl came out in early March of this year, and Mario Kart was quick to follow. Those were two huge AAA titles, and have a history and huge fan base behind both of them. With this blast of awesome games within the span of 2 months, you wonder what else can come from them? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. One big AAA Nintendo title that is buzzing round is Animal Crossing for Wii. The first of the series made it’s way onto the Gamecube, then a sequel to the DS, which is by far one of the most popular games to date with use of the Wi-Fi DS Internet play. We all know and love this series, and I am sure looking forward to a Wii version of this beloved “real life” game. I mean, who doesn’t want to live with a bunch of animals on a far-off island? It’s awesome, and while a Wii version is not confirmed, it pretty much is assumed, as noted with the ACWii link above.

As far as other things go… I just want to be shocked with excitement. I want Nintendo to release some kind of hard drive support for the Wii, because I will soon run out of space with all the blasted Virtual Console games I’m downloading! And, maybe a new Zelda? Hey, I can dream, right? I’ll be sure to have a page open to the E3 site to hear breaking news, because, of course, I am one of millions who didn’t get invited to the event. Haha, surprising, no? 😉

Blog: Brawl’s out… enough said!

jeff-got-brawlI shall make a more formal post later this week, but for now, I’m just happy to FINALLY have Brawl, and I’m sure you are too (if you have a Wii). :] I was the first person to get Brawl at my local Gamestop, but that’s only because I stood first in line at the counter most of the time since I lost early in the second round tourney. I was killed by Luigi as Link in Super Sudden Death… ah, the fun times. And, when I got home, wi-fi was packed with people, and the lag wasn’t really that bad for me; it’s Brawl, the game that lived up to it’s hype! Also, I am thinking of doing an online tourney with a prize of a Wii points card, all via this site, sound fun? Well, if you wanna battle with me via wi-fi, leave your friend code & email here in the comments, and I can get back to you shortly. :] Happy brawling!

Blog: Simply Smashing!

nb-holding-brawlEveryone and their dog knows about Brawl. Chris Slate of Nintendo Power Magazine states,”I’m ecstatic to report that Brawl isn’t just amazing, and it isn’t just one of the best titles on Wii, but it’s one of the very best games that Nintendo has ever produced.”I’m sure, as a Nintendo fan yourself, you are also quite excited about this epic game. I myself, am heading out to my local GameStop to participate at the midnight launch / tourney this Saturday night. You have no idea how excited I am for this release… this is THE game, and I’m sure any Nintendo fan will tell you just the same.

With that being said, some new Brawl-related goodies shall be popping up soon under the Project:NintendoBoy page! While the team and I work out some behind-the-scenes details, it will be awhile before anything new comes up. Ah well, I’ll have time to work the “NintendoBoy” side of things. That’s good right? This is why you’re probably here. :] Anyway, the new thing is this: Adventure Plots. Yes, I’m sure you are familiar with this, and perhaps you saw a glimpse of inside Mario’s house, but this time it’s a whole new ball game. Basically, a comic will be released starring Nintendo Boy in a crazy storyline / plot drawn by a good buddy of mine, Laura Chaparro. You can thank her for that amazing character design of NB holding a copy of Brawl. :] So, like I said, a comic will be released for your reading enjoyment. Then, a few days will pass by to give everyone chance to read it, and an interactive puzzle / game will surface online to correspond with the plot. EXAMPLE: A comic comes up about NB rushing home after he picks up Brawl, but at the end of the comic, NB looses the game – then, a game will surface HERE on the site where you could help NB find the game – it could be located on a page as a small image, who knows. // Do you get it? I hope you do, and sounds exciting for you because it does to me! Everyone will be able to play and have their own account here. I am working on a points-prize system. But anyway, that’s the gist, and whenever I take a break from Brawl over the weekend, I will get this up and running hopefully by next Wednesday. :] So, what do you say, audience of Post your thoughts below, thanks guys!

Next time you’ll hear from me, I’ll be playing Brawl, and hope you to see you on Wi-Fi soon. :]

Blog: Outbid

outbid-ds-liteI’m sure you are familiar with eBay. I, for one, like it a lot, and have bought some neat rarities from there such as some old N64 cartridges. But anyway, the reason I mention this is because it has suddenly taken control over me! So, I didn’t know when this happened, but Nintendo discontinued the Crimson/Black DS Lite color. Yeah, what the heck? Why? To make way for the new Cobalt/Black color that released last week? Pfft. Spiffeh, but Nintendo really knows how to get people to buy the same system over and over again!

You all know I have the original DS Phat (as seen in Episode #1.3) and had really no intention of upgrading, but when that beautiful combination of red black graced a shiny DS Lite late last year, I had to get it; this color combination also happens to be my favorite, much like my iPod video – U2 color style!

So, time passed, and when I heard rumors about Nintendo cutting off production for this color, I made a trip. I visited my local Gamestop to find out from the counter guy that they aren’t receiving anymore shipments of that DS color. Bummer. That being said, it brings me back to my first sentence. With this, the prices for the auctions of Red/Black DS have sky rocketed. I have been unable to find one on the ‘net such as, so it looks like my best bet would be just finding the last stock at a store, because as you can see, I am not very succuessful via eBay. o.o;

So, that’s my juncture right now as far as Nintendo goes… I am looking for one. It’s keeping me a bit pre-occupied and a little twitchy. But that won’t collapse my plans for this weekend! This Monday is President’s Day here in the states, and I will be free of schoolwork! I shall take advantage of this by going ahead with the blueprints for Razorswitch, episode 1. It should be good. The script is almost done, and, gosh, you guys are gonna love it. It’s hilarious. Or, at least the script is… so I hope we can produce the same effect on video. Are you hyped up!? I am. Heheh. See you Tuesday for another update! Have a spectacular weekend. :]

Blog: Nintendo Radar – Pokemon Snap returns!

Note: Hello there! You have stumbled on another hidden blog post. :) Enjoy the archive as the radar checks for another news post…!
Coming to a Wii VC Channel near you, December 10th. (North America)
Article by Jeffrey Vega (Nintendo Boy)
Ah yes, Pokemon Snap! Don’t you all remember it? Such a fun game, and I still have it for my perfectly working N64! Therefore I am conflicted whether to get this again. However you may think, well if I have it, then I shouldn’t spend 1,000 Wii Points ($10 USD) to get it again. There is some new stuff worth mentioning…
 Here’s some good info: “Nintendo will be enhancing the original game by allowing users to take snapshots and save them to allow for posting online via your message board. Other players will be able to check out your Pokemon hunting skills and admire your photography.” -GoNintendo
Holy macaroni! That is awesome! Do you remember the good ol’ days where you could take your save pack to Blockbuster and have your photos printed on these neat little sticker sheets? Does anyone else remember that? Haha.
Well, this looks like a neat buy. Makes me wish I hadn’t got Snap for N64 as I had bought it at Blockbuster (used) for $10 while the N64 began to slowly fade away.
There was just something to this game that was so addicting…
Well Pokefans, I want to hear your thoughts on this! :D
Thanks for reading.

Blog: Nintendo Radar – Black Friday

Note: Hello there! Hmm, you found a secret unannounced blog post. Ah yes, well I’m simply archiving one my old radars! :D Enjoy!


What’s up this week? Why, Black Friday of course! Not sure what that is? Read this quick excerpt from wikipedia…

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season in the United States. Since Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, Black Friday may be as early as the 23rd and as late as the 29th day of November. Retailers often decorate for the Christmas season weeks beforehand. Many retailers open very early (typically 5 A.M.) and offer doorbuster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores. Although Black Friday, as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, has served as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season at least since the start of the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the term “Black Friday” has been traced back only to the 1970s. “Black Friday” was originally so named because of the heavy traffic on that day, although most contemporary uses of the term refer instead to it as the beginning of the period in which retailers are in the black (i.e., turning a profit).

 So, yeah, I’m sure you know about this, but may not of known there was a name of it. Or maybe you have. Oh well.

I particularly enjoy this shopping event for waking up at 5 A.M. to fight the crowds and see what deals can be taken. So, I’ve gathered a few things of interest (Nintendo stuff, obviously) that have caught my eye and it may interest you as well.

Wow, these are some nice limited edition DSs at Best Buy! If I had money I might of upgrade my DS Phat to that shiny gold Zelda DS! Friday & Saturday only!

Hmm, this seems like a good deal. This was a snapshot taken at a KB Toys store, and but 1 get 1 free doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

However, where the heck is the nearest KB Toys?



This comes with:

Two Wiimotes
Two nunchucks
Super Paper Mario
Mario Party 8
Brunswick Pro Bowling
(Two Wiimotes and Nunchuks are separate from the ones included with the Wii)

From 5 to 7 AM you’ll only be able to purchase one per customer, but after that you can grab as many as you want. This is an online deal at, but not price was announced.


  *GASP*! $35 for SUPER MARIO GALAXY at Circuit City? Wow, makes me wish I hadn’t pre-ordered/bought it already. Oh well, I’d probably wouldn’t be able to wait that long anyway. Ha, but this is a steal.