nRant: Nintendo Hates The Beatles!

john-lennon-offended*exhale* Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a rant… but there really hasn’t anything to say until now. There seems to be a pattern of me complaining about Rock Band, but boy oh boy do I have some things to get off my mind! So grab a seat, as I call out Nintendo for some of the frustration I’ve faced with The Beatles: Rock Band, specifically regarding the Download Content (DLC). Read on to see why John Lennon looks so offended…!

I have been a fan of The Beatles: Rock Band since it came out. Yeah okay, I never really actually talk about video games or Nintendo on here anymore, but heyy… does anyone really wanna hear my banter? HA. But yes, I do still play video games and stuff when I have the time, but that’s once in a blue moon! ANYWAY. The Beatles. They are literally one of my all-time favorite bands. They have the best music I’ve ever heard. So you could imagine how ecstatic I and the other millions of other Beatles fans around the world were when this hit 9/9/09. Grabbing it at Micro Center for a crazy low $39.99 (regularly $59.99), I immediately headed over to my friend Katie Marsh‘s house (she’s in a new video that will appear on the site soon!) and we ripped open the game and we had SO much fun. If you have played the game, we can all agree that the dreamscapes (the trippy backgrounds) are the coolest part of the game. Harmonix & Pi Studios (they specifically developed the Wii version) did a FANTASTIC job on this title, and I was VERY happy with this game and everything about it! You can ask my sister ell oh elll… when slash if I came home for the weekend I was playing that game non-stop! OKAY. So you get the point. I LOVE this game. I LOVE The Beatles. All you need is LOVE! HA. Now… here comes the part of the rant where I frown upon something that has recently come to my attention.

The Abbey Road album just hit the music store for all systems (Wii, 360, PS3) for you to download with new dreamscapes, new songs, even the Abbey Road medley! OH WAIT. The Wii version does NOT get the Abbey Road medley. Why, you ask? Read on. First, if you are unfamiliar with the Abbey Road medley, it is simply the last 9 songs on the Abbey Road album; they are all rather short, but the songs are seamlessly connected to one beautiful 16 minute listening experience – like I said, they are all individual songs, but when they are played together it is widely known as the Abbey Road medley… if you don’t have this album, I definitely recommend getting it to listen to this fantastic medley! Okay, so I mentioned that this clocked in at almost 16 minutes. It looks like Nintendo has a problem with huge file sizes, so they made it impossible for Wii owners to play the medley straight-through as it was meant to be played, but instead rather they broke it up into 5 parts. That’s right, 5 freaking parts. Instead of being able to play the medley straight-through, Wii owners will have to sit through 5 loading breaks to bring up the other songs in the medley. Do I even need to mention that 360 & PS3 owners will have no trouble playing this medley and be able to fully experience the abbey road album? The surprising factor is that this is not the fault of Harmonix, but of Nintendo. They have weird file restrictions and such, which is understandable considering the Wii has literally no internal memory storage, while the 360 & PS3 are always advertised as having like 120 GB systems. GAH NINTENDO. Why did you have to be different? “Nah, let’s not use GB. Let’s just say you have 100 blocks of memory!” What does that even mean?!

abbey-roadOkay. NOW, here’s the kicker of this whole sha-bang. You are gonna LOVE this. Because of this wacky file size thing, we are not allowed to purchase the album in full. We have to go into the store and buy each track individually if we want the whole thing. If you are an iTunes-music-purchaser, you know that buying the whole album is cheaper than getting each track one-by-one. Yep. That’s the case here. 360 & PS3 can hit the “buy full album” button and get the entire album for $17.99, medley and all. It’s pretty bad for Wii owners. Ready for this? All we can do is hit each song one-by-one and end up spending $19.50. What. the. heck. So basically we are forced to pay MORE (because of not being able to buy the album but just songs) for a LESS quality product (instead of the full medley we just get the puzzle pieces of it). And what’s funny is that The Beatles: Rock Band has sold the best on the Wii platform (I guess the party nature of the Wii matches the party atmosphere of rock band). In the end, we are left with angered Wii fans who just want what the 360 & PS3 owners get – we paid the same freaking price for the game, so why do we get the shaft? A call to action plan would be to lower the price because we can’t get it at the buy the album price. There’s literally nothing we can do about it… it’s a file size problem with Nintendo, but geez, we shouldn’t have to pay more because of their personal problems. As much as I want to add Abbey Road and its famous medley to my game, I refuse to do it under conditions like this. Let me re-inforce what I said earlier: We are forced to pay MORE for a LESS quality product… just because we chose Nintendo. I’d rather pay $17.99 for the full thing with the medley then $19.50 for the chopped-up lesser version. No full album ability, no medley, but hey, let’s pay more money for that, just for kicks and giggles!!! *sarcasm* Thanks Nintendo. This is THE definition of unfair. :/

Blog: Getting Nothing / Everything Done

christian-bale-laughingThere are always two choices to everything. Or, at least two, anyway. One of them is getting nothing done… and that is no laughing matter, right Christian Bale?! (; The other one is getting everything done… and the latter is always something that should be on the horizon. Since I’m in college, and considering it’s really expensive and a vital component to my future success in life, I’ve decided to get everything done in college. That’s right people, I’m doing well right now… academically. The college I currently attend, KSU, does not have the major I want to… major in… so I’m working on kicking butt here and gaining a plethora of hours to transfer to UGA, which has one of the best journalism schools in the nation! I am on the right track, having already a lot of hours from my hard work on my AP & IB exams in high school! Also, Josh attends UGA, so if we both go there, we’d most likely try to room together, and the site may very well explode with continuous content! =]

Having said that, there are things to do. Goals to reach. People to see. Places to go. (I dunno why I said all that, just kinda rolled off the tongue). Because of the busy life in college, as you all know, there hasn’t been a new update or video since we all left for college in August. Although we are all used to long breaks in videos, huh? :-/ WELL ANYWAY, you know where this is going. There’s a new video out! In my quest to “getting EVERYTHING done,” I can’t leave out my internet project… which, for the record, I enjoy very much… if only there was more time in the day… *sigh*

Sooo… here it is! It’s called “Hardly Working,” and it guest stars one of my good friends, Sara Endres, who visted me here at college last night, and we were like… let’s make a video; that’s right, this video is 100% improvised. No joke. We had no idea what we were gonna do, but Sara and I had a blast doing it!! That being said, this video is the first ever to not feature the original crew, only because we have all parted our separate ways in college for now. However it won’t be the end of the other guys, as we will continue to try to make videos with Josh and the rest of the gang whenever we can! But this video is refreshingly new, and I think you guys will like it.. at least… I hope you will, haha! Consider this a short, but quick update of the site, and despite college being busy, we will do our best to serve all of our lovely fans! (:

 Click here to watch it in our video theater! |  Click here to watch it in HD at YouTube! |

 Click here to watch it on Facebook in case you would rather “Like” it than comment… haha!

Blog: Thank You

house-running-awayI don’t know how simpler my blog title could be. I just want to say thank you. For everything. For continuing to support the site, as well as us on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, and just whateva (links on the sidebar)… thanks so much. Every couple days I receive a notification that a member has joined… which is crazy and hard to believe… but thank you.. I wish I could pump out more content for you guys… but… alas, easier said than done. :-/ I promise to write more in the blog, but as you can imagine, college has been crazy… and life has been… different.

I know it seems like I’ve be avoiding the site (much like Dr. House), but really, I check it everyday. I really do. I’m bummed out that nothing new has happened since August… but it’s just been impossible… just like I predicted in my previous blog entry. With Josh being at UGA, Andrew and Laura finishing up high school, and me over at KSU, it’s quite difficult. I do have some videos planned to be released in the next week or so, and they will be very different.. just because I have to make do with what I have. The next batch videos will not have your favorite actors.. which I’m also bummed about.. but there of course will be new people you will grow to love… and whether those people are here at Kennesaw (I’ve met a few possible people), or just people that will come visit me (teehee), it’s all up in the air. The only thing I can promise as far as familiar people… is me. Nintendo Boy will always be here. Of course, anytime the NintendoBoy crew will be home for the weekend will make a magical video that will soon in the future be considered truly nostaglic. Which is sad, considering how many videos we’ve made.. which is not that many.. hahaha (hope you didn’t take our subpar videos for granted *wink wink*)!

Bottom line is, videos are on the way. I miss making them so much, and this withdrawl since college started has not been fun… but gosh, we’ve never been able to keep a consistent batch of videos out, which I know for a fact has hurt the site a lot… wise words from Adam Terrell… people want videos on a regular basis and not a 10-minute quartely update… very well put! I will try my best to make that happen.. but then again when a video does come out everyone freaks out! Haha, well not really. Anyway… yep. Consider this a small update, but many more to come. I’ve made up for lack of videos with this beautiful redesign of the site, as I hope you’ve noticed! :) What do you think of it?  Also tweaks to the site here and there, but it’s all a working progress. But geez, where’s a blog post where I haven’t said that? Sighhhh. OKAY. SO. Remember. Thanks everyone, for continuing to support a project that isn’t ready to die just yet… =]

Blog: Wishes Do Come True!

homer-simpson-editingWowers! Well this had to be the quickest turn around time for a video yet! NEW RECORD! (ahh I miss Mario Party N64…) It was just last week that the site had a spark of activity… in one week, we released probably our best video to date (didn’t you just love my amazing editing skills at the end?! … and I did it with only a broom mashing on the keyboard… el oh el!), we opened up a Facebook fan page for the site, and received 30+ fans in this short time frame (not a lot.. but hey.. we’re anti-social so it’s a surprise!). I’m proud to say that after a week, we’ve received a lot of feedback (mostly thanks to the facebook page where the videos are actually there to be “liked” and commented on). And now today, a week later, I’m just as surprised as you are that we have another video… that’s right… just a week later! However, there might be a catch… this could very well be the last video with the original guys. D:

Why is that you ask? Well believe it or not, it’s not because I’m all depressed and stuff… it’s because we might not have a choice. In almost a week from now, Josh will be heading out to the University of Georgia and I’ll be heading out to Kennesaw State University… while Andrew stays in Norcross for his senior year of high school! We are all heading out in two opposite directions, an hour away in each direction! Tearrr… I know. Who knows what will happen then?! :/ Don’t get us wrong… we know there is such a thing as weekends, and we will definitely try to meet up somewhere and continue making films… but the way I see it is that if we already have trouble getting together over the summer, how will we do it when we are going to be buried in books and far away from our homes? Sigh… I’m glad we were able to make this last great video (we had alotta fun!) with us three original Nintendo guys (haha), but hopefully it won’t be the last!

Okayyyy… sooo, information about the video? Ugh, I hate this part.. haha… there’s always so much to explain! But at the same time not really… well, so Andrew had “meet your teachers” at NHS, so since my sister is a rising freshman, I tagged along, meeting up with Andrew at the school… and from there, we actually had a little “re-union” with a few friends as a surprise to see Megan!! Yes, that Megan.. fromBoredom!! She has been gone the entire summer doing mission work in Tampa, FL, and needlessly to say we missed her. She finally returned home a few days ago and her sister gathered some close buddies and we all surprised her at the Waffle House near our school! Oh, that was quite fun! =] So from there, since I was with Andrew, we decided to head back to his place to just hang out or whatevs… the time is around 11:30 AM when I txt Josh to come over so we could do a video…! And so he comes over, we get GH: World Tour & Mario Kart Wii out of our systems, we spend the next 2 hours walking around his house, making jokes, eating cold pizza and popcorn thinking of what to make of what could be our last video! After a while, we were like.. ahh screw it, let’s walk to the forum (a popular shopping strip mall slash hangout nearby) and we go into Barnes & Noble, where after seeing a dozen people we knew who begged to be in the video… haha, Josh, Andrew, and I all sit down at Starbucks, get a smoothie, and start writing down some ideas! Oh, and props to Josh… we had no paper or pencil to write down so he bought an $8 notebook so we could write down ideas.. haha (we borrowed the pen from the girl at Starbucks… and by borrow, I mean beg… haha just kidding!). After a good solid 30 minutes, I finally come up with the idea to film at the fountain.. to make wishes! So we write down the opening lines to have some sort of outline and we would wing it from there (a concept that is not new to us at all). After almost 76 takes for a 3 minute video (soo many distractions when filming on location at the forum, McDonalds, and Ingles…lol), we now present you with our video that took a long day of adventurous, but good times… we had so much fun filming this, and I think it shows! =]

 Click here to watch it in our video theater! |  Click here to watch it in HD at YouTube! |

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Blog: The Aftermath of The End

jeffrey-vs-rock-bandBoy oh boy, where do I even BEGIN?! I guess it’s my fault for waiting so long to write a blog post about all the happenings here. Well, long story short: the site is here to stay. But I must admit… the site was really going to tank… I was not afraid to pull the plug. But then something happened: inspirational comments. I must thank you all… for commenting and telling me your thoughts, ideas… everything. You have no idea how good it made me feel. I of course can’t forget the many comments I received on Facebook as well, but… these site comments you guys left me… thank you. Thank you so much, I wish I could tell you how much I really appreciate your input. (: I feel as if I was hit with a box of inspiration!! =] (yes, that was my cheesy line to re-use that animated .gif image… HA!)

Since will be around a bit longer (September 17th, 2010… the death date at the earliest… yes, that’s right.. I renewed the domain name… haha), I decided to take my site shopping! We stopped by a few stores, but things we bought were new forum games, even more progress on The Rendezvous (you can login to see the portal now), and a pre-order on new comics by Laura! Soo.. exciting things have yet to come… oh, and a new video of course, but I’ll get to that soon!! Anyway, as far as the site goes, I didn’t stop there. On the About Us page, I added a new section for new visitors to the site and some info on why they should continue to return to the site even if they are not Nintendo fans (cool huh?!)… but wait, there’s more… much more! A big project I undertook and is basically finished is an extension of the About Us page, which is the Amazing People page! This page is a more updated, detailed page of everyone who has worked on the Nintendo Boy Project… so if you really, REALLY wanted to know more about us, you can now quinch your thirst! I’ve also linked this page to every video on the site, as well as the home page! Yeah, it’s that important! OH, and is that a brand new game I see?

Sooo… moving on. I feel like I have so much to say but I’m looking at ways to say it, and in the least amount of words.. I don’t want to keep you here too much longer, but there are a few more items I need to address. First off, a video, which is the most important thing of this blog post… ughh, I already feel like this blog post is so unorganized… oh well, I’m already too far into it… haha. ANYWAY, a video. It’s called THE END. But it’s not really the end, but just a video idea that came from the whole downtime of me almost closing the site… I figure… why not seize that oppurtunity and just throw out a video to accompany all that craziness? Well it turns out… this may be our best video yet. Not even kidding. I am so pleased with the way it turned out, and I think you will be too! So go check that out (links below) on the site, YouTube, and now…. on Facebook! If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new link on the sidebar tobecome a fan of, so go ahead and support the site on facebook and watch and comment on the videos there as well! Soo… I guess that’s it for now…? I can’t think of much else… except to enjoy the site, its new slash upcoming features, and of course the new video*…! :]

 Watch it on the site!! (: |  Watch it in FULL YouTube HD at the direct link!

With so many options, you have no excuse not to watch this new video… look at the pretty banner on the blog… you can even click the link up there too! LAL. Oh, and don’t forget to check out slash update your iTunes podcast.. the new video will be there soon! Anyway, if I missed anything, or you have a question, comment, or anything, as always, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I apologize for how choppy this blog post was… next time I won’t wait so long to update so I have less to say… haha! Thanks for hanging around the site… please, enjoy your stay, and the videos… we have cookies! :3

*For some reason, the new video “The End” was flagged by YouTube’s automatic Content ID System, saying that I have copyright issues, so the video, soon, may or may not be taken down slash muted… I have filed a dispute claim, and hope to have the matter resolved so your viewing pleasure is not interrupted… just wanted to give you a heads up of the hard time I’m having! D:

EDIT #1 (6:57am): The video was taken down this morning. Working on a back-up plan…

EDIT #2 (6:17pm): Well, after a long, LONG day of frustrating events, one after another, I finally gave in and went back into the editing phase, replaced the offending music, saved it in HD (another 2 hours), and then it is now uploading to YouTube as we speak… hopefully by the time you are reading this, you will have finally watched the video… I’ll give you a third and (hopefully) last update when the video is up and stable?! (:

EDIT #3 (7:57pm): Welll.. about 12 hours later (exactly…lol).. the video is up. Thanks for your patience everyone… and to those just joining us… hey.. the video is up… haha!


Blog: interesting

Written by: jinxsprinkles999

Due to unforseen events and a petition of the fellow internetdinosaur followers this site has been brought ack to life. What future awaits our brave, yet clueless, travelers in the void that is the internet. This movement has aroused my philosophical/social science project and I would be honored if you ould jion in on it. please message me on facebook (search joshua indech) and I need to send you all a survey. Jeff is in on the project too and we are getting together tomorrow morning to conference abotu the true future of this site, its followers and the videos. In spite of my lack of dedication i am ashamed to say that I am part of the group that almost NEVER went on. Now I am awakened and now I shall visit here every time I log on to facebook. This is now longer a social network, but a revolution! VIVA LA REVOLUCION (is that how you spell it?)

P.S. I REALLY need to send you all the survey electronically or personally. If youa re uncomfortanble contacting me I will have you contact Jeff and then have you send it to me on the “jinx profile on this site. jeff will idnerstand what I am talking about. It will be called the “New Era Survey” since this survey will keep this site alive. thanks

Blog: This One Time… At Band Camp (Issue 1)

Written by: Andrew Shain

~Got a funny story from ANY camp with no one to share it with? We all want to hear it!!! Just send in the story to with you name (optional) and a picture (also optional) and I will pick the best 5 and post them weekly! (Don’t post them In the comments because I will most likely miss them!)~

This one time, at band camp…

… I wore a wedding dress to band rehearsal not realizing that it was a TOTAL mistake. Forget the dress, the MAKEUP was the worst.

-Joshua Indech

… the Euphonium skit was starting to get inappropriate… like Peter Fugate cross-dressing! So G rang the gong to stop the skit 50 times and the Euphoniums refused to stop the skit.

-Michelle C. Parkos

…  the year before my last I spent the night before the first rehearsal with instrumnets cleaning my horn, and then after breakfast I accidently left my case open and it fell out when I picked it up and the thrid valve got bent. D’OH!

-Richard Sponholz

… My 8th grade band camp (Encore) a few guys stole my bed and literally hid it in the closet which locked from the inside. I didn’t realize this till late after free time. By the time I got my mattress out, I realized they also accidently broken one of the legs of my bed which I then had to pay $54 for.

-Andrew Shain

… someone tried to curl another girl’s hair with one of those round brushes right before lights out one night and it got stuck in her hair and the chaperones were up for an extra hour untangling it from her hair.

-Christine ‘Steen’ Krause

~If you didn’t see your story here, don’t worry! We have plenty of time to post them, just send them in!~

Blog: Not a Celebration, more like a relief. *MUST READ*

Written by: Andrew Shain

As most of you know, the Nintendoboy himself was having doubts about his own site.  What a relief that Nintendoboy is here to stay. There must be some changes made though, mainly… the users. As users (the people Nintendoboy makes this site for), you have more power on this site than you know.  If he doesn’t see activity on here he assumes no one will see it, so why bother? Now what are these changes you ask? We all need to be more active on here. That means comment on videos, use the forums, play the gamse, anything the you want on this site. E-mail either Jeffrey or Me and suggest things to  do for videos, articles, or other ideas and we’ll try to make it happen. If hard for just a handful of people to keep a site going if users rarely use it.

Blog: The End?

Not sure what to do anymore. This site, oh how much I love it, is dying. No one visits it anymore. I used to have almost around 500 unique visitors a day, now I’m lucky if I have 50. I don’t know what’s wrong. I try so hard. The Rendezvous… sure, that’s my fault. But the forums, the games, everything else… it’s just not what it used to be anymore. I mean, even the main part, the videos… I never received a single comment on my site with my latest video. :[ Guys, you have no idea how hard I work on this site and the videos for it, and I hardly ever see any love. So I’m pretty much thinking of deleting the site. Making videos is still up in the air, and even I’m not sure if that’s going to remain alive on YouTube. I’m looking at other possible options for other sites. I’m still in a limbo, as I have just lost all hope, but don’t want to see the site go down. If you want to have an idea of how bad we really are, the company that I sell advertising on actually yanked my ad box because my traffic was pretty low. Bummer indeed. x.x Leave me a comment with your thoughts… I’m open for ideas or anything you have to say. But for now, I may start digging the grave for The Nintendo Boy Project. :[ I’ll hopefully see you again on some other site. Good bye for now… 🙁

Blog: Twitter or whatever

twitter-birdSo what’s the big thing right now? That’s right, Twitter. Whether you want to believe it or not, Twitter, which started it out small, is becoming very popular, and is on its way to rival facebook. While the two sites are very different, they could very well damage each other in the aspect of social networking. But not in the cases that I will examine today. Twitter… has actually created itself a presence where it integrates into many applications that are already available, and in another neat way to look at it, it’s done the same thing with everyone’s lives who have used or are using Twitter! I personally love it, and that is why I have brought it to a new level here on my site! (:

I have used Twitter… back in the very early days, before it become increasingly popular. And if you have one yourself (and actually use it!), you’ll know it’s quite addicting in a strange way. I thought I was literally the bomb when I embedded a feed from my twitter onto the site in that little green box, so you guys could pretty much see what I was up to (aka my facebook status…haha). But I thought, why not take it a step further? I recently got the new iPhone 3GS, and the first app I downloaded was Twitterrific, and it is so amazing. Go ahead and get that if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, I highly recommend it! And so as I continued to integrate the simple “what are you doing?” aspect into my life, from the web, to my iPhone… I discovered a way where I could add it on to my site, and that is Tweetboard, which is now live on the site!

Replacing the old dusty shoutbox that lived in the Sidebar since the beginning, I have now a more robust, up-to-date app to get more discussions and activity on the site. This is Tweetboard, and it is currently in its alpha stage, meaning it’s been just been released but no where near ready for large-scale distribution.. think of it as you being the beta-testers for them! Basically, you click that spiffy new tab on the left of any page, and the Tweetboard interface will slide out, letting you engage in discussions using your twitter profile, which quite literally is all the rage right now. So it’s up to you. As I continue to streamline the site and tweak to make it as amazing as I can, the Tweetboard app is another exciting addition to the site! Also, I plan to link everyone’s twitter who has been involved in the site, so you can follow them! But in the mean time, you can follow me! (; Ha, I kid I kid (but you really can though)! Well, congrats you made it through my rather boring blog post – but hey, I gotta get the word out about Twitter, and its integration with the site! So, go ahead, try it out! Please post your feedback, I need to know what works and what doesn’t!

Whew… that was alotta Twitter-related info! Getting back to other news, a new video is in the works where the NintendoBoy crew will encounter a very sticky situation and will “literally” not know what will happen next (hint hint!) and will be out early July, as well as the long-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite member adventure game that never actually existed, The Rendezvous!

Blog: Hiatus… we can explain!

hiatus-josh-indechAnd now, to open this blog post, we have words of wisdom from the guy who invented the word “cool,” Mr. Josh IndechFOR REAL! finally we are going to have anew video. this willl be the best one yet. school is over and we ave time to do this video. For the little amount of fans we have left we hope you enjoy the new NB adventures in HD. Hahaha, ohhhh, you wish I would spell check his blog posts.. but nahhh, that’s why we love him! (:

Haaa… so anyway, yeah! There is so much truth to those light blue words of Josh. We did it. After such a long time with no videos, we made a new video. And ironically enough, the video is about the reason why we haven’t had any new content on this site in a while, which gives it the proper name… Hiatus. Such a cool word, no? This is actually an uncommon English word, so let me just give you the definition: “suspension: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something.” So… make sense now? :P If you already knew the meaning of the word, then my hat off to you!

Man, was it sure fun to make this one. An oh so satisfying feeling that we finally have under our belt, another video. And this, if you’ve been watching this blog lately, you will know that this is our first true high definition video. This 5 minute video took 2 hours to save from my Movie Studio Software in HD format, and then another 2 looooooong hours for it to upload to YouTube, as the video is almost a whopping 1 GB! :O But don’t fret, iTunes users, the Podcast version of this episode will NOT be that big! Haha, oh geez! *pulls shirt collar nervously*

Hopefully this is the beginning of more to come. Haha, this new video is so random when I really think about. Let me know what you think via the blog comments or the video comments in our gallery, or even on the YouTube comments page!  Thanks for loving us and stuff! :]

 Click here to watch the video on YouTube! | Click here to watch it on the site!

Blog: The Trials & Errors of HD

jeffiiI sit here, in front of my computer, with a smug look on my face. I have recently graduated from high school (Class of ’09!), and it is now summer! And with summer, comes a lot of free time… free time that will not be wasted… because there is a project that needs feeding… the Nintendo Boy Project! This summer will be a milestone for me because I have something now that will enhance us in the ranks of those top films you see on YouTube… well, not really, but our videos are gonna be amazing! Gahhhh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!! [:

HD. Two letters, yet so very powerful. I told you that I had recently graduated. My parents bought me a $600 Sony HD Handycam video recorder… to the say the least, it is quite aesthetically pleasing! This is the exact piece of equipment I’ve been dying for ever since I started making videos. We had the will, and there was a way, but we needed better mediums of making better quality films. Although what we had before wasn’t so bad, don’t you agree? Sooo yes… HD is now possible for my videos!! I’m so excited! But wow, it was not easy to get where I am now…

sony-hd-handycamMy adventure. Two words, yet so meaningless. Let me explain! Haha. I don’t know what made it so difficult for me to figure it out, as I consider myself quite a wiz at these types of things. But not this time. Sony had me. Maybe it’s because I’m NINTENDO BOY and not SONY BOY? Ehh, who knows. Haha, either way, I was determined to figure out how everything worked without reading the instructions. LAL, just kidding. I did read it… not much helped. After almost 3 days of working the super nice camera with amazing picture, and the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platnium Premium Pro Pack (that’s alotta P’s), I have finally figured out how to best save the movie projects I work on when I edit. It’s something like HDV 1080pi with some other letters and numbers that I can’t remember. But after sooo many test uploads to YouTube (as well as test conversions to .mov for our new podcast), I finally got it. And our videos completely fit the YouTube widescreen player!!!! Yay! All the right settings. The perfect combination of behind-the-scene setups to have the finished video project very pleasing to watch. Nintendo Boy… from here on out.. will be in High-Definition, thanks to YouTube as well! :] Woot. Woot. lol. (:

I’m really excited about getting back into the swing of things. I doubt anyone is even reading this (well, I guess YOU are… thanks!!) since the site has been dead for almost half a year in terms of videos… and well, the rest of the site has had its share of cobwebs. Well, it’s the summer now, so it’s time to bring this back to life… and this time, in HD. My goal is to have a new video every week, more, if possible. I want to flood the video gallery with our pretty faces and witty lines… did I mention, which will be in HD?! Stay tuned for a new video at the end of the week… it’s gonna be amazing!! I promise… stick around and watch this site come back aaaalllliivvvveeee!!!! (thumbs up)